Best Beauty Boxes Reviews

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The elegant beauty box, which you can buy here online, your eye shadow, rouge, and camouflage safely stored. Thanks to the ingenious magnetic system can you box individually equip the personalized beauty, eye shadow, rouge, and camouflage at any time share and combine. Here you can buy the beauty box in five different sizes from ask4beauty. Depending on the size boxes square offer the beauty of twelve, six, four, three or two eye shadow. If you want to keep in your beauty box rouge or camouflage, a rouge or camouflage is as big as three eyeshadow. The sustainable beauty boxes are high-quality processed and can be loaded always again. Thanks to the integrated mirror and applicator is perfectly the beauty box, if you want to refresh your makeup on the road quickly. The beauty box is not only extremely practical but also a schmucker eye-catcher in your make-up bag. According to the motto “art meets cosmetics” the limited boxing style with different artful designs embodies harmonious color worlds of art and cosmetics: fresh flower motifs, graphical elements of decor, graffity, or modern art. With the beauty box, create your own personal beauty treasure chest!