Best Beauty Secrets of the French

And nine of them curated by who really understands the subject: the French, obviously.

Maybe you already know or not,but the website is part of the French group. In recent weeks, our team hit card in Paris, in France, for a week of workshops & fun. OK, what’s up? Well, since we landed there, we couldn’t help but notice all the natural beauty of the inhabitants of the city of light. “What the French do to bear a visual so beautiful and zero seemingly artificial respondent effort?” was the question that came out of our little heads. Totally intrigued with this question, we had to investigate. Their habits and how they interpret the concept of beauty surprised us even more. Get ready to take off bacanérrimas tips to incorporate into routine and contagious with this lifestyle that is pure < 3.

The French …

1. Protect the Skin Against the Sun

Because they know that it causes extreme damage on skin. Therefore, use and abuse of sunscreens and forget that face Tan boobalatties: French women prefer natural coradinho who “kissed by the sun”, you know? Avoid getting exposed for hours to the action of the Sun’s rays and invest, for example, in moisturizers that Tan gradually.Subtlety is the key word!

2. Are Not Obsessed by Workout

Here, in the Americas, we are constantly pressed to adjust us to stereotypes of the celebrities who appear on TV. Meanwhile, in Europe, the French are much more desencanadas with all this history primarily mainly when it comes to the Academy. “For them, it’s synonymous with torture,” explains with Mireille Guiliano, author of French women don’t get fat (ed.). Instead, seek to walk frequently or choose activities that really go against their interests. Aerobics classes in the water, for example, are quite popular. “They are high impact and fun what is important, after all, the pleasure factor is always taken into consideration,” he reveals.

3. Use and Abuse of the Water

For the French, the liquid is a true beauty product. And it’s not for less, right? When consumed frequently-calculate, on average, two liters, gives health journals and brightness to skin. Besides drinking, women also love spray water sprays in mineral face to hydrate it daily.

4. Love Facials

In France, the girls grow up knowing that make facial masks once or twice a week makes all the difference in the appearance of the complexion. Mireille Guiliano recommends a version with acacia honey, the recipe taught by his grandmother. “Its texture helps eliminate impurities kindly and still leaves the face shining,” guarantees.

5. Rely on Homemade Ingredients

The Parisians tend to have their own SPA ritual at home with ingredients that can be found in the refrigerator or in kitchen cabinets. They are especially fans of olive oil. “In addition to doing great in salads, is also a great asset for cosmetics that deal with hair, skin … We use it in many ways,” says Clementine Fitaire, expert in beauty. Mathilde Thomas, co-founder of Caudalie skincare brand, put in a mixture of egg yolk, rum and olive oil to give brightness and round out the wires. “Let stand for 1 hour before applying shampoo,” teaches.

6. Believe That Less is More

The natural beauty is very important for the French. “We don’t like to change ourselves. When we use makeup, is just to make the look more fresh”, justifies Violette, makeup artist of Dior in Paris. Want to follow the idea? A little bit of mascara here, a batonzinho there, a minimum stroke blush.

7. Start the Skin Care from an Early Age

Unlike many of us, who hope to age get to combat its effects, the French take a routine that slows down and softens the signs of ageing long before they show up-which gives them a huge advantage. Since the cleaning up the hydration, every step of the skin care ritual is really taken seriously.

8. Desencanadas Capillary in the question

According to Mireille Guiliano, French women don’t wash your hair every day (Hello, dry shampoo!): they believe that this habit removes the natural scalp oil. Instead, they have been careful to brush the hair from the roots to the tips with the head facing down, because they believe that free the wires of impurities and gives “breath” to breathe.

9. Have a Fragrance to Call Your Own

In France, you’re not dressed until he has applied his signature fragrance-and the girls there love sweet perfumes and well: the most popular female have vanilla base or have a strong floral aspect. Try the La Vie Est Belle, Lancôme, or Dior Addict. Want to do the classic style? Try Chanel Mademoiselle. Regardless of the option chosen, the important thing is to use it religiously and make it part of their identity.