Best Blush for Fair Skin with Pink Undertones

Choose the color suited to propriq skin is an art, as well as do it in an elegant and never predictable. We speak of blush, a trick that not only makes us sexy, but using the right colors according to our skin type and the shape of the face can make our impeccable make-up.

Often the blush is not considered as it should and is overshadowed by many of us who prefer to focus on the eyes and lips.

Few, in fact,they know what fascinating effects can be achieved by applying the right color on the cheeks or cheekbones.

This discreet touch of color also has the power to replace the foundation and powder.

Alone or with a make-up more elaborate, the blush brightens the skin: the most delicate day, more original and seductive night.

The choice of the blush color  is not simple.

Day are recommended more discrete tones, while at night the cheeks can be more readily apparent.

You can also intensify the tones used during the day, or try one even more intense, if anything brilliant.

What is the right shade for you? Here is a practical handbook:

  • Porcelain skin, very clear and rosy: blush light pink or apricot: very feminine.
  • Leather with golden tan: pinkish tones, from golden to dark brown.
  • Olive skin: rich colors like plum or pink.
  • Skin with intense tan: coral or day bronze, dark red evening.

But how is it applied? It is not as difficult as it may seem.

Try to smile! Watch how they raise their cheeks, place a finger on their highest point and then relax your face.

This is where it begins.

Apply a little ‘to this and share with circular movements using a large round brush. Be careful not to “paint” the wrinkles around the eyes. The risk, in fact, is to emphasize them even more.

You have exaggerated? No problem.

To repair the “damage” is enough  to remove the excess blush with a clean duvet.

A valuable advice is not to mix textures. Or use a cream blush or one powder without mixing the two.

Otherwise form of unsightly lumps that are best avoided.

The ideal, however, is a powder blush color with a discreet and delicate, especially for beginners is easy to apply and can be used with almost all types of skin.The blush cream, however, is more suitable for dry skin.

As anticipated, the blush shape the contours and enhances your face.

If the face is wide and round, for example, the blush should be placed on the sides of the forehead, directly on the hairline.

The more the face is made, the better the blush is applied and must be nuanced tilted toward the corners of the mouth and the chin line.

In the case of elongated face, the blush is applied almost horizontally below the cheekbones, so that the face appears shorter.

Another useful tip is to know that the blush along the wings of the nose makes it look thinner a broad nose, and a bit ‘of blush below the tip makes it look shorter.