Best Liquid Foundation for Rosacea

Rosacea is one of the most problematic imperfections of the face for us girls. But thanks to our advice will not be a problem. Follow these 9 steps and say goodbye to blush!

The rosacea is part of all the blemishes that we detest women and we try in every way to conceal under creams and make up.

It is a skin disease, said more precisely, acne rosacea, which is manifested by erythema, redness or lesions inflammatory usually in the central part of the face and are most interested in those who have complexions very clear.

In the reddened areas there is a widespread fragility in cold weather, when the air is pungent, it tends to intensify, causing great discomfort.

That’s why I want to show how we can cover the rosacea with a make-up simple, to be used every day, without using pounds of foundation that often create the terrifying “mask effect”.

When it comes to make up, my advice is the same: use little product.

Always in time to add if you are not satisfied, but to take it off without ruining everything it becomes much harder.

Therefore, always start first!

1. Roll out a base … green!

If you suffer from rosacea ideal is to start the make up with a green primer, it indicated just to cover the red spots.

Non-apply too much and roll it out well, so that green to go away, and there remains a rather dull skin.

Probably you feel that your face becomes almost too gray, but do not worry! The next steps will return to shine!

Un ottimo primer verde lo trovi qui: Make Up For Ever – Base Fondotinta Microperfezione HD

2. Use the correction palette

If the primer is not enough to correct the redness and other imperfections, also used a palette of correctors.

Each shade has its why and you have to be careful not to get confused.

The green concealer covers different facial redness, rosacea from the pimples.

The orange-checker, however, serves to alleviate dark circles that tend to be grayish or blue.

That peach hides the purple circles, while the lilac serves to illuminate dull incarnate.

The skin color corrector, finally, is perfect for covering small impefezioni.

A beautiful palette with the center also illuminating the are here: Kiko – Colour Correction Concealer Wheel

3. Apply a liquid foundation

Usually people suffering from rosacea also have dry skin.

Then use a liquid foundation that helps to soften and moisturize your face.

Mettetene a bit ‘on the hand, then apply it on the face with a brush or sponge. Matches by the parties in which you put the concealer, then everything else.

A good foundation, which also corrects skin imperfections, can be found here: Sephora – Foundation perfecter 10 hours

4. Just a little ‘of powder

With dry skin is not recommended to use too much powder.

That’s why you can only use to fix the liquid you used, to prevent them in the folds of the skin and ruin everything!

Roll it out with a small brush and do not overdo it.

Among the many on the market, I advise you to Make Up For Ever.

The are here: Make Up For Ever – Compact Powder HD

5. Blush? Better a land

With rosacea your blush are not very suitable, especially if the redness is very pronounced.

Then go to prefer a matte ground, which will attenuate the imperfections and give a little ‘color to your cheeks.

Roll it out first on the cheeks diagonally (making his face to the fish will be much easier!), Then the forehead, temples, nose and jaw.

If you notice that there is too much color contrast between the neck and face, you can apply a little ‘of land even on the neck.

Excellent opaque land of Sephora!

The are here: Sephora – Terra

6. Illuminating cheekbones to the top

If you have the skin a bit ‘off, why not give her a little’ light with a great lighting?

This product really is miraculous shines cheekbones and radiates all over the face.

Roll it out by tapping with the fingers just below the recess of the eyes, then fade out at the top and bottom.

For dry skin it is great for illuminating the stick and Lord & Berry.

Lo trovi qui: Lord & Berry – Illuminante in stick

7. Use eye shadow in stick

The stick eye shadow applied with a brush will give a glamorous effect to your make-up!

For dry skin it is ideal.

It will last longer and keep your eyelids soft.

Roll it out from the center and then blend it outwards (but not too much!).

One that will captivate among many find it here: Marc Jacobs Beauty – Twinkle Pop

8. Mascara for ever!

Whatever the complexion of your face, mascara is always essential!

It makes us more beautiful, more sensual, more women!

If you have thin eyelashes, choose a good lengthening and volumizing mascara.

Uno meraviglioso lo trovi qui: Urban Decay – Lush Lash Mascara Mascara

9. For dry lips choose a lip gloss

As we explained previously, rosacea is often accompanied by dry skin, so even the lips are dry and cold season also tend to crack.

To keep them hydrated choose a lip gloss that provides bulk and softens at the same time.

And if the lips are very dehydrated, apply first a little ‘bucco cocoa, then when it has dried, roll out the gloss.

There are also some gloss with inside them a nourishing balm for the vigorous and soft lips.

One of these can be found here: Urban Decay – Lipgloss Ultra Nourishing Naked