Best Selling Imported Perfumes of Brazil

These days when it comes to perfumes realizes that the tastes are the most varied possible and when it comes to imported perfumes that reality is no different

This in a sense is because nowadays there are several types of fragrances. However some of these fragrances conquered people in such a way that turned out to be the darling of a large portion of this audience.

There are types of smells that end up pleasing many of us and so they become very well known by the people and, no doubt, to be the most sold.

When you hear about in the first imported perfumes idea that comes to mind is that they are products of high quality and as a result of excessive values that usually won’t fit in your pocket.

However this is not a rule, just as there is national low-quality perfumes this also happens with the imported.

The market for imported perfumes have invaded Brazil in large proportions so that their fragrances of high refinement ended up falling on the vast majority of Brazilians.

Given that we’re going to show you some of the best selling imported perfumes in Brazil.


Biggest selling imported perfumes in Brazil

Paragraph 5 – Chanel

This undoubtedly remains a classic known worldwide and was the first perfume to contain in its fragrance the aldehyde, which would be a compound that has as main function to give a highlight in the aroma and in the time that the smell stays in our body

Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy –

This perfume has a fragrance “Cyprus Frutal” and without a doubt is ideal for women with a strong personality and that by which all seducing the search.


Acqua Di Gioia-Giorgio Armani

With that perfume you’ll surely conquer any where to pass, as he presents a very pleasant fragrance as it tends to give an air of freshness and also for being a sweet aroma and perfume while half Woody. No doubt this scent is ideal for those people with a very romantic and delicate style.


Coco Mademoiselle-Chanel

This perfume is perfect for people who like to be always glamorous, because its fragrance conveys refinement and at the same time a wonderful smell that will delight even the most refined noses and selective.



The J’Adore Dior has a floral type fragrance and all the people that are elegant and at the same time romantic by nature.


Eternity-Calvin Klein

This perfume has a fragrance known as floral oriental is suitable for all who love the classic elements. Your scent combines with all times and certainly for those who love to stay in family that perfume will fall very well in these situations


Dolce & Gabbana-Light Blue

For anyone who has a mood right up and at the same time who likes delicate things this is the option to choose. Their fragrance conveys all of more positive about you, because your smell will captivate and enchant all for where you spend.


Ferrari Black

This perfume has an ideal scent for boys featuring a mysterious astral and sensual at the same time. The Ferrari Black has a fragrance and citrus and so if you’re a fan of these types of aroma will be able to do very well with this perfume.


Pour HoMme-Azzaro

The Pour Homme was created in the year 1978 and even today has its space between the imported perfumes more sold in Brazil. This is due to its fragrance that delights and highlights the seductive and irresistible personality of men.


Polo Black – Ralph Lauren

This perfume has an elegant style and contemporary at the same time. In its fragrance has a fusion of flavours with Woody base safe and sophisticated personalities.


Finally, now that you know some of the top selling imported perfumes in Brazil just to let you choose your favorite and start enjoying the most exclusive fragrances and in the whole world.