Burberry Presents Its Collection of Makeup

Yes Burberry submit one makeup collection I’d take his classic paintings as an emblem. Accurate, this image is unmistakable. I present the makeup collection by the British firm for the autumn, but that will be for sale at the end of July.

They are almost matching colors to with their fashion trends. Land, soft, timeless, classic and always elegant. Shadows, up to 20 tones, from the ochre, dark blue, white, lavender, rose in several versions… The mascara is available in a single shade of black. The eyeliner you will need various combinations, black, Brown, dark blue and grey.

The lipsticks and the gloss is something that I would love to try, along with the shadows, the tones that you have been able to see: from the Classic nude, through roses clear and reaching the classic red. Glitters, lighter.

The collection It is complete with lips profilers, there is a beautiful soft pink; Rouge-toned makeup and ochres, passing through powder Illuminators.

Very attractive packaging, without losing Burberry touch.