Business Makeup: Beautiful at the Desk!

Emphasis, look good and above all work professionally and competently – the right make-up for the office supports you in its effect and equips you also for the executive.

Anyone who really knows about beauty and make up questions is Jemma Kidd. The famous artist shows in her new book “The great Makeup School. Professional techniques and looks for any type of “how to make makeup and choose the right colors and products. In numerous step by step instructions, the reader can easily implement the make-up for herself. 21 looks show how pretty every woman can make herself and how Jemma Kidd finds: “with which every woman can show herself from her very best side!”

The Business Makeup

According to floralamakeup, a perfect business make-up lets you act confidently and you don’t have to worry about whether the eyeliner is smeared or the rouge suddenly disappears. Of makeup experiments is advisable for the office, instead a classic makeup should brighten the face. Experts believe that pressure, hectic and stress cannot be seen on your face. Even hair and nails must look absolutely neat.


  • Choose a discreet make-up that looks neat but doesn’t seem too intrusive at the same time. Neutral colors such as brown or grey shades are best suited for the eyes.
  • Make-up should underline the personality, do not distract from it.
  • For a long office day, make-up must also be designed accordingly: in the early morning it must be easy and fast to apply, to hold the tag without being melted and to be easily renewed.
  • Due to the dry air-conditioning and central heating, the facial skin dries out faster. Therefore, it is advisable to use a gel in the morning or repeatedly during the day to use a refreshment spray specially for the face.
  • Hold the concealer handle in order to be able to whitewash the edges and shadows under the eyes. Apply rosé-beige Kajal to the insides of the lower and thus conjure up fresh eyes.
  • Perfectly shaped eyebrows give more expressiveness, authority and competence and support their own character. Those who do not want to put their hands on the brews – an art for themselves – can get help in beauty centres and work out the optimal form for the personal type.

Here’s How It Works:

Step 1: First, the face is primed. To do this, apply redness to the masking pin, eye rings and shadows with the concealer and unevenness with a foundation or a transparent make-up. Fix the face with a light powder. Tip: Always lead the powder brush with the growth direction of the facial hairs. Now apply a little peachy cream rouge to the flat complexion on the cheeks.

Step 2: First bring the eyebrows into shape, easiest to arrange with a comb. If necessary, pluck individual hair with tweezers. Use eyebrow powder to give the brew more shape and balance the structure. Tip: Select the appropriate hue of the Brauenpuders so that they do not seem too dark or blocky. Special Augenbrauengel – Applied with an applicator – provides for hours of invisible support.

Step 3: Apply eye shadow in a matte or taupe tone on the entire upper lid. The crease and the outside angle are more stained. Use a second, lighter hue for the eyelashes and inside the angle of the eye. Apply a little highlighter under the arch, e.g. in white or shimmering beige. Finally, the eyelashes with volume mascara. Tip: In rainy weather, be sure to use water-proof mascara.

Step 4: First outline the lips with a contour pin, either with a colorless or a roséfarbenen pen. Apply a soft lipstick or gloss also in a neutral Roséton or in transparent. Tip: It is best to use a lip brush, because then the lips can be painted better and the contours are more accurately adhered to. Apply gloss only in the middle of the lips (heart shape), so that the lips look fuller.

As a recommendation: Many very well understandable makeup tips with numerous illustrations and expert knowledge are available in the beautiful book “The big Makeup School. Professional techniques and looks for each type “, by the star artist and author Jemma Kidd, appeared in the Dorling Kindersley Verlag, at 25 euros.