Campaigns Against Anorexia

New law is concerned to combat the phenomenon of anorexia attacking first of the fashion system and the glossy images.

No to the anorexic models. The news, which we hope will catch on more and more, part of Israel. The law states that the models to pull out can not have a body mass index less than 18, 5. A strong message, directed to the fashion houses and the media from around the world to solve problems related to eating disorders that appear to to have no end.

From January 1, all Israeli models must comply with this new rule if they want to continue to slide. The initiative comes from a woman doctor, Rachel Suitable, who wants at all costs to stop the phenomenon of anorexia, the cause of many deaths each year in Israel (and not only unfortunately).

The models will have to submit a medical certificate attesting to their optimal state, which according to the World Health Organization parameters is indicated by a body mass index never less than 18, 5 (25 overweight, 30 obese). The campaign no-ana does not stop there: the law protects family members of people who died due to eating disorders, inciting them to sue companies that offer too thin standards of beauty.  Revolution also regarding the images: if the photographs are retouched to make the long-limbed bodies, shall include an explicit warning of at least 7% of the image size.

“It is time to drive away from those human skeletons billboards, just be criminals” commented Adi Barkan, modeling agent absolutely supportive of the initiative.

(Hoping that the law becomes the most universal early)