Care for a Perfect Cleavage

The skin of the neck is very fine and it hardly possesses collagen, the substance that keeps the skin smooth. The great evils in this part of the body are slimming quickly and sleeping on your side. The Sun is its great enemy, spots and freckles are due to prolonged unprotected exposure.

Cleavage to point only with three steps, in this way you took care of the maximum this skin that acts as a “natural Bra” and keeps the chest in place.

1º Exfoliation. Recommended once a week, so you eliminate the dead cells, adrenocortical cell regeneration and increasing collagen. Being a sensitive area, bringing the Exfoliating facial, not body, is more smooth.

2º Hydration. The same treatment as the face, soaps, tonic without alcohol and specific products for this area deserves. The cream once a day will suffice, dating them with a rotary massage upwards up to the neck and chest.

3º I smooth and wrinkle-free. You can subject you to a firming treatment, masks, ampoules and cosmetics with “lifting effect”, all this to get to have the same tone your face.

A trick that never fails, make it up, apply a thick brush with a touch of powder of Sun between both breasts and powders mother of Pearl in the most salient part of the same.