Celebrities with Botox Gone Wrong

Chubby cheeks that defy the normal laws of gravity, tight smile and the look totally void of expression are too many faces ruined by pinprick. Many now, those who decide to go back, running for cover. … But then, why spoil it this way?

The most famous to have declared to be fully repentant, is the now icy and utterly expressionless Nicole Kidman, whose porcelain face does not betray any emotion, and that, for this reason, in recent years has also lost several job possibilities .

Many directors have refused to grant her a contract in fact, because the Botox has literally “locked” his face. The result is a kind of waxwork, with lips sleeve and hamster cheeks. Even among celebrities homegrown, we can boast victims of addiction to cosmetic surgery: Nina Moric , former Fabrizio Corona, recently appeared more natural, and definitely much nicer than it was a few months ago.

“I looked like an old trans”so the former Croatian model has taken a back seat and was made to remove the prosthesis from the face.
The physician and psychotherapist Vice Archè psychology Onlus Dr Barbara Mantellini, said recently, requested topic, that women who abuse of cosmetic surgery, anzittutto, can not accept the passage of years, thus delude themselves way to freeze time, remaining forever young .  probably underlies everything also, there is also a strong problem of poor vision of his figure in the mirror totally distorted, just as happens with girls anorexic.

In addition, often in the entertainment world, an entourage of around compaciente which ill advised, and which is based on the erroneous belief that to achieve fame and popularity should simply switch to barbie natural woman entirely approved in many other equipped redone breasts, and lips sleeve.

Fortunately, some manage to wake up from this was totally false, as happened to the Australian Nicole Kidman … maybe .effetto millionaires contracts lost!?!?!