Chanel Nail Polish Taboo

“Taboo”, at the moment will not tell you anything except to be the term used to identify a number of things to avoid, and “ethically” incorrect, rather than the board game, but in a few months we’ll match it to another of the successes of Chanel: Taboo is in fact the name of the collection enamel Revelation de Chanel for spring  summer 2013.

The new Chanel nail polish  Taboo, based shimmer is a strong and intense plum with blue undertone and its code is 583. We’ll see how long it will disappear from the stands Chanel!

The enamel Chanel Taboo has a color and a very special finish and is an excellent candidate to become one of the must-have brand.

In the make-up collection Revelation over the enamel Taboo 583 are also 10 lip gloss, some of which are new, others are proposed:
– 87 Seashell, peaca tenuous exclusively for Europe;
– 171 Ocean Shimmer, transparent shimmer bright;
– 172 Rose Sauvage, pink brown;
– 174 Daydream, fuchsia metallizato;
– 175 Savage Grace, deep garnet red;
– 176 Crushed Cherry, burgundy limited edition for Asia;
– 131 Mica, baby pink;
– 151 Aragonite, transparent with glitter pink ;
– 164 Plaisir, pink milky;
– 166 Amour, pink coral.

The products of the make-up line Revelation de Chanel will be on sale, including exclusive products for certain continents, starting in May 2013. We’ll see the success you will get the new Chanel nail polish Taboo and imitations that will spring out.