Chanel Tattoo Ideas

Words or phrases engraved on the body, characters, symbols, drawings.The tattoos bombard the body of many young people and not only to tell, like a map of feelings, emotions and special moments. But you know, tattoos are indelible bottom and not all are sure to want to draw in via definitive signs and symbols on their figure. If you are among the chronically indecisive, or among those who do not compromise with the needles or even among unrecoverable lovers of one of the luxury brands followed in the world, Chanel, well, this spring you will find news that is definitely for you.

Chanel has in fact been thinking about you and proposed for the coming season an exclusive kit of transferable tattoos, or “Le Tromp-l’oeil de Chanel” all hand drawn by Peter Philips historian creative director of Chanel Make Up. Already at the parade in which it was presented in the spring-summer 2010 collection you have been able to admire some of the arms or legs of the top who marched: foliage in bloom, chains, sliding beads, swallows and hearts, and of course different models of one of the most famous logos in the world, but in boutique Maison Chanel will propose many more, they are in fact 55 for transferable tattoos collection that you can already find these days at all stores of the brand conceived by Coco Mademoiselle as well as the famous department store Selfridge of London at a price that’s easy on the $ 75.
you can bet it will be one of the new trends of the season almost upon us, and that will be in a few to resist the temptation of the new Chanel tattoo: cute, elegant, and above all painless class!