Choosing the Right Foundation Color for Your Skin

Hi girls! Today we face a topic IMPORTANT in Make Up: choosing the right foundation shade! One of the first things they teach make-up courses is just that the foundation should be as similar as possible to the complexion of the face, must not be either darker or lighter because its function is to UNIFORM our complexion and make us naturally “flawless.”
so let’s see how we can find the right color of foundation for us not fall into error!

1. IDENTIFIES the undertone : The two types of undertone are the yellow (warm) and the pink (cool). To understand what is our we can see the veins of our wrists under natural light: If we have a subdued greenish yellow (most common) and then choose the yellow / orange base foundation, they tend to we will have a blue undertone pink (typical of those who have a skin that burns easily in the sun ) and we will choose the pink-based foundations.

The choice of a foundation base yellow or pink depending on our undertone is not to be underestimated because if we apply a basic foundation of a rosy complexion with yellow undertone skin tone will take on a grayish complexion!

2. TEST THE FOUNDATION IN THE RIGHT WAY: It seems superfluous to emphasize this but if you buy online with no foundation or try it on the skin hardly indovineremo the right color. In addition, the foundation should not be tried on the hand or arm (is not there then we’re going to put it!) Should be applied and a bit ‘on the face along the jaw observing if there are no separate bits of color from the face and neck, if the color the foundation blends with your complexion’re on your way!

3. OBSERVE THE FOUNDATION IN A NATURAL LIGHT : often the lights of the store can be misleading in the choice of foundation then possibly test the samples at home or go out of the store and observed the natural light before making a choice.

4.IN DOUBT CHOOSE ONE MORE LIGHT: If you just remain in doubt between two foundation choose the one slightlylighter because the damage will be less than choose it too dark (a darker foundation of our embodied accentuates the imperfections and creates a very artificial effect anti aesthetic!).

5.PLEASE WAIT A FEW MINUTES TO DECIDE BEFORE: Some foundations are just applied transparencies or tending to orange and then wait a few moments before making an assessment

To choose the perfect foundation is not enough to find the right color … must also understand q hat’s what he does for us based on our skin type: more liquid, compact or mineral? Read here to find out …