Christina Aguilera Body Stats

Yet another star targeted by paparazzi and professionals for weight guilt works. After Adele and Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera also is unleashed on BillBoard and is presented at the American Music Awards visibly fatter but felice.Ed immediately scandal.
Last year was Adele to be talked about for its weight and its forms, deliberately elongated.
Karl Lagerfeld, gave a stir by stating that despite the wonderful voice, Adele had a problem: “Too fat”. And if Vogue England previously had portrayed only his beautiful face in March 2012, American Vogue devotes the photographing cover full length. A nice shot to one who was allowed to criticize the singer for his overweight.

A month ago Lady Gaga, tired of the constant rumors that spoke of her rounded fitness, to put all silenced, has posted on his site in intimate photos that show her beauty “normal” with cellulite and stretch marks attached. In the caption reminds that she, like many girls, she suffered from eating disorders. Now that is reborn, he encourages fans to accept themselves just as she did, and to live with serenity the relationship with your body.

Now it’s up to Christina Aguilera to be in the center of the storm for his weight. At the American Music Awards, he is almost talked about anything else. Heedless of those who, in the first record, still does not accept the fact that you put on weight, looks on the red carpet in a dress of purple skin, super skinny, that revealed every curve, every “roll”, each piece of meat in more than the bones. She continues to claim to be really calm, happy and proud to be a taglia42 and repeats that it did not absolutely need to lose weight.

“During the promotion of Stripped in 2002 I got tired of being the typical lean and white girl” she tells of BillBoard. “The next time I met sorts of my record company I was bigger, darker and full of piercings. I had taken about 7 pounds during the promotion and the Stripped tour. He was immediately called a very serious meeting on how to prepare for the backlash. In practice I was told that if I had put on more pounds it would have had an impact on a lot of people, from production to the musical directors. With those kg too much they say no disc or card I would not have sold for my concerts, and I was young, so lost weight immediately for the tour and during the promotion of Back to Basics”

Obliged to be lean.

Yet when, at the Dirty time to speak, his body was too thin, it was not as nice. Her face seemed almost disproportionate, the most prominent nose, and eyes had the same light. To stay consistent, anticipates that it will be ready to amaze everyone with the cover of Lotus, his new album, which will be represented naked, proud to be a XXL.

Do not forget that even several Italian stars were removed from the small screen to the extra pounds. An example of all the beautiful (and talented) Vanessa Incontrada , that not being able to lose the extra pressure with pregnancy, disappeared (or was made ​​to disappear?) Suddenly via television.

All united in a positive cry to women.