Concealer for Dark Circles Color

Enemy of many women, the dark circles make her tired face and corners. But just know how to choose the right concealer for each of us to get rid of the problem!

Dark circles are a common problem for many women, but that you can not totally solve, because it  is part of the facial conformation.

What we can do however, we are to minimize the problem, choosing the specific products.

If you also want to s put you always look tired you just follow some simple tips to find the right concealer for you.

The first thing to consider is the severity of our problem: it is just a slight swelling under the eyes due to a few hours of sleep or a very obvious defect that occurs every day?

Also important it is to understand the conditions of the skin around the eyes: if it is dry may also be present small wrinkles or lines, which emphasize the problem of dark circles because the skin in these cases is very thin and therefore requires a creamy concealer instead of one dry.

In any case, however, the product must be easy to blend and must not be laid out in large quantities nor too form a consistent layer on the contour eyes , because in this case we would obtain the effect of making the dark circles even more obvious.

Last fundamental criterion for choosing the perfect concealer is the the color of the product itself (using the theory of complementary colors, according to which two opposite colors cancel each other), both in terms of hue and intensity (light or dark).

In general, the most effective color for dark circles are the tones of yellow, orange or peach / salmon , but you can find out what your case among our examples.

But never choose a lighter color of your complexion: the effect is a dull gray that ruins the makeup all over your face.

Better to prefer an illuminating color, suitable to their tone skin , especially if dark circles are read.

1. Dark circles purple

If your dark circles tend to purple, choose a yellow concealer, preferably a shade quite dark.

2. Blue color Dark circles

For bluish dark circles is perfect orange concealer, dall’albicocca orange more heated for the amber skin.

3. Dark circles and red blotchiness

If you suffer from rosacea and redness on the face as well as dark circles, choose a concealer of green color, which clears redness and balances skin tones too lively.

4. Eye contour with wrinkles or fine lines

In case of dry skin around the eyes contour choose a creamy concealer, a high opacity, which moisturizes and smoothes the skin, camouflaging fine lines.
With vitamins A, C and E to prevent skin aging and fight the relaxation of the skin.

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With marine peptides and hyaluronic acid, this smooth concealer and smoothes fine lines around the eyes in a natural way.

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waterproof concealer, which is fixed to the face smoothing out wrinkles and signs of expression, as a cosmetic filler treatment.

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5. Outline fat eyes

In case of oily or combination skin, acne-prone skin, choose a concealer, mineral-based, does not weigh down the skin, preferably with a powder finishing that does not slip away, but by the lighter and less opaque.

Matte concealer stick, able to control the oiliness of the skin and hide imperfections and even blacks points.

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Concealer anti stains and anti dark circles, self-adapts to the color of the skin and can be used above or below the foundation.

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Long lasting concealer, waterproof, silky and natural finish, withstands up to 8 hours.

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  1. Dark circles mild due to hectic life, sleepless nights and so on.

    If you generally do not suffer from dark circles, but you happen to them after a dissolute life, you can buya liquid concealer, from mild coverage and bright, to use in case of need.

    Formula light, covering dark circles and skin blemishes.

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Formulated with raspberry, apricot and melon to make uniform and elastic, fast and easy to apply.

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7. Important Dark circles and ubiquitous

If you often suffer from dark circles, especially if they are very clear, choose a concealer cream or liquid, but the pasty formula, to be spread in small amounts and blend well.

This concealer is attached with a veil of powder after the writing, in order to increase the seal.
Full-coverage concealer with sponge applicator, to cover dark circles stubborn.

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Corrector with sunscreen SPF15 to intense coverage, easy to blend.

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