Contouring Your Face with Makeup

Dreams a make-up of a star? Try the contouring, the play of light and shadow to sculpt and enhance your face!

Contouring Your Face with Makeup

The contouring is a master of make-up, used to shape and redefine your face , minimizing defects and enhancing the natural beauty.

Contouring and highlighting are the terms used by professionals to indicate the play of light and shadows created on the face by a focused and wise application of land and enlightening, thanks to which you can get a radical change – optical illusion – the facial features , sculpted from the make-up so as to create volume and three-dimensionality.

Thanks to the contouring can taper an important nose or removing a chubby face without resorting to cosmetic surgery, and completely change the perception of our face, often “flattened” by a uniform use of foundation and powder.

The 1980s eye makeup is not magic, mind you! The principle is the same that we get used to thinking that a black dress makes us look slimmer, while a white … well, you know!

In the case of contouring the land, darker, is used in areas of the face that are “hidden” and “shrunken”. The lighting, however, must be applied on the parts of the face that should be enhanced, highlighted.

That’s why  there is no ideal contouring and for all, but must be designed and manufactured according to your face shape.

I felt like to try? Curious to see your appearance change radically? For a classic contouring is how you should do (if you have a regular shape face):

  • Applied the land on either side of the nose, under the cheekbones, creating two natural shadow lines, the tip of the chin, and finally on hanging forehead
  • The lighting should be applied along the nose, forehead, eyebrow arch, on the cheeks and on the bow of Cupid

After applying the products shaded until you have the desired effect. For a soft contouring it is preferable to use powder products , in perfumery find specific products.

If you would rather try your hand at an extreme change , catwalk, then you will have to opt for cream products. In both cases, the products must be a cold tone , never orange, and absolutely free of glitter.

As regards the choice of brushes to make the contouring the rule applies: most are small we will be more accurate.

If the mother-icon contouring is the beautiful heiress Kim Kardashian, who nevertheless often criticized for having a too artificial look, the King of contouring – or virtual scalpel – it is the make up artist Samer A. Khouzam. Samer famous throughout the world for having the contouring “the trick of desire” of thousands of women.

To understand what is the ideal contouring for our form of face, we have selected some photos of Samer where the “before” and “after effect” will upset.

 1. Contouring of long face

How do the contouring of a elongated face:

  • The land is spread on the jaw, the forehead and under the cheekbones, not to get too close to either the nose or the mouth.
  • Created a kind of mask with the illuminating, which will also be applied under the cheekbones, horizontally to the sides of the mouth and on the mountain of Cupid.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Gwyneth Paltrow

2. Contouring of heart-shaped face

To make the contouring on a heart-shaped face:

  • Creating a gray area on either side of the forehead along the hairline.
  • The illuminated areas will be the forehead, cheeks and chin.

Scarlett Johansson

3. Contouring square face

To make a perfect contouring for a square face:

  • The earth must be applied to the corners of the forehead, “obscuring” a forehead too wide, so the cheekbones.
  • The lighting will spread particularly over the cheeks and chin.

Angelina Jolie

4. Contouring of triangular face

The contouring of the triangular faces is realized:

  • By applying the ground on the sides of the front and fade down
  • The lighting will be stretched out in the middle of the chin and below the cheekbone, following the natural line of the face

Eva Mendez

5. Contouring of round face

If you have a round face is how to proceed for your contouring:

  • Pour on the land contours of the face and scolpitelo creating volume darkening the skin under the cheekbones
  • The lighting will be applied on the mind and on the top of the cheekbones

Kirsten Dunst

6. Contouring su viso ovale

The contouring on regular faces, basically oval, is achieved by applying the general rules we mentioned in the introduction, recalling good dose the products and proceeding without haste to avoid the “mask” effect.

Megan fox