Curly Hair: Learn How to Care for Your Curls

Those who have curly hair you know very well that some special care are always needed and if you want to have bunches of quality then you should check for options that are appropriate for your hair type.
When using non-specific products for your hair type may end up damaging your curls and to make sure that doesn’t happen to you, here are some tips to take care of your curly hair so they are well defined and less bulky.

Tips to take care of curly hair

Use cold water to wash your hair

Whenever possible do not use hot water to wash your locks, because the water being at this temperature cause dandruff and also leaves the hair dry enough, which favors the indiscipline and the emergence of the frizz and volume, two elements that are undesirable when you have curly hair.

Wash your hair with moisturizing products

When you are washing your hair look using products that play the role of hydration for your threads, and combine the shampoo, the conditioner, the mask, the leave-in and thermal shield in this initial treatment for the hair.
The usually dry curly hair with ease and therefore require an intense hydration, and if your hair exhibits any chemistry, this need becomes even more constant.

Perform the treatment of capillary reconstruction

The treatment of capillary keratin-based reconstruction will provide a greater capillary fibers and so this type of treatment is very suitable for those who have curly hair.
This procedure is similar to progressive brush but the difference is that he’s not smooth and Yes add keratin to the hair, leaving it silkier and with life.

Comb the strands carefully

A very important tip for those with curly hair is never brush the wires when they are dry, because the brush or comb will damage the structure of the capillaries, promoting breakage, which ends up making appearance of frizz.
So if you want a disciplined look hair comb it in the shower while damp because that way the result obtained will be a lot better and you will not cause damage to the structure of their wires.

Leave-in no rinse is the best option

The leave-in is ideal for maintaining the damp curly hair but all in exaggeration ends up hurting. Why not apply the leave-in in large quantities in the highlights, as this will make your stay hardened wires and dull.
To obtain a satisfactory result with the use of the Leave-in, use only a little of that product to make the wires desembaracem with ease and in this way your hair will be very beautiful and look healthier.
So if you have curly hair but don’t know exactly how to take care of them, so follow the tips given above that without doubt your hair will be more appropriate care and the result will be more satisfactory.