Dell Acqua of Roses Review

With all the complex marketing of cosmetic better get back to the old routine in beauty: the rose water. But the uses are varied, much more than you would expect.

hyaluronic acid, retinol, collagen.

More and more it seems that we are moving towards the use of creams with advanced formulations, complex and expensive products that almost always do not resolve even the problems of our skin.

So why not go back to that simple, ancient and unique gesture of beauty that our grandmothers to themselves?

When the facial creams were few and had no names so complicated, or did not even exist.

We are talking of ‘rose water, what could be more simple in cosmetics, because in the first place is the formulation of this product to be simple.

It is an aqueous solution infusion so obtained with rose petals.

It is a versatile product first of all because it is useful for both the skins with acneic tendency that for those delicate and suffering by the most severe dermatitis.

But the uses are varied, more than there expect.


If kept in the refrigerator will increase the toning effect and refreshes the skin immediately.


It can be sprayed on the body and on his face to refresh the skin but above all because it has a soothing effect, soothes heartburn and decreases redness.


It is useful then also on the eyes because it reduces swelling and gives an immediate feeling of well-being, especially if with a cotton ball you insist on making the area a little ‘pressure.


Even on the hands it has excellent effects as relieves heartburn caused by cracks and more hydrated.


Even it can be used on the temples as it would give relief from headaches.


It can also become a soothing mask if, warming a bit ‘in a pot, gets wet with this a cotton cloth and apply on the face where it had previously been spread a moisturizer.


It’s a great and delicate fragrance to your hair.


You can be used to dilute the foundation when it finally.

There are many waters rose on the market, the most loved and known distilled water to the roses Robert’s biological floral water of pink Sanoflore but there are few girls prefer to produce it themselves at home. The simplicity of this product will only do well to our skin!