Dermalogica: Eye Care and Sun Protection in the Test

Advertising for the beauty

Dermalogica is a cosmetics company that primarily finds application in cosmetic institutes professional treatments and suitable to the needs of the skin is recommended by the local skin care specialists. According to an Institute in your area you can watch on Store Locator (advertising). Alternatively, you can find the products in the online shop by dermalogica (advertising).

In addition to the daily Super Foliant, which I presented at the Beauty news spring 2017 (advertising), dermalogica has me has offered to test even a sunscreen product and eye care. All products are free of artificial fragrances and dyes.

ultrasmooting eye serum

The ultrasmooting eye serum is from the series UltraCalming sensitized and sensitive skin. It can be as a sole care for the eye area, although there is a serum. The me known Sera other companies are recommended for the additional application, this one is different. It can be applied if necessary but also in addition. The care effect of serum enough under normal circumstances, so I give you only face moisturizer or sunscreen in.

The anti aging product aims to reduce the sensitivity of your skin, reduce fine lines, decongestant effect and to soak the eye area. This is including hyaluronic acid, Heypeptide-11, Brown and Red alga, Golden Chamomile and carrot root extract. The smell is slightly medical and disappears quickly. My husband has not complained, that’s a good sign. The complete INCI you can find here: ultrasmooting eye serum (advertising).

The serum is liquid and transparent, but still good to dose. It burns in the eye when it comes to close up, E.g. at the corners of the eye. It is in the application notes therefore extra here, that the serum in the Interior of the eye may be used. My skin feels smooth maintained to and within the bounds of possibility. During the day I like to use the serum, at night I like to slightly more care in the eye area.

intensive eye repair

The ultra rich eye care is a treat, especially during the night for my hay fever-stricken eyes. The cream does not burn in the eye, even if I hand them out close to the eye and on the eyelids. Plant ingredients from cucumber and arnica and Ruscus according to manufacturer soothing effect and help the skin maintain its elasticity and structure. Panthenol is prematurely aged skin in the product to support healing and Wilde yams root for repair. The antioxidants of green tea, vitamin A, C and E to help the skin to defend themselves against harmful free radicals. I can say only: in the fight!

The first score is out clearly for the benefit of this eye care, because my skin around the eyes are looks so so smooth, as no longer. The complete INCI here: intensive eye repair (advertising).

Super sensitive shield spf30

The wide band spectrum sunscreen works with mineral protection and is therefore ideal for sensitive, sensitized and recently rejuvenated skin according to the manufacturer. It is physical sunscreen with SPF 30 and moisturizer in one. Recently rejuvenated is a nice phrase, right? Who ever had an intense exfoliation and was then in the Sun knows what is meant by that…

Green tea and licorice to reduce according to manufacturer sensitivity, redness and inflammation. Watermelon, lentils, Apple extract and hyaluronic acid to the hydration and soothing the skin in use, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide deliver physical UV protection. The sunscreen should be reinforced with antioxidant vitamins E and C.

I have used the super sensitive without additional face cream with the eye care. The product has a pleasant Lavender scent for me, on the Hautverfliegt. Lavendelnichtmöger are probably so reluctant to use the cream. Lavender lovers like me can enjoy the fragrance and relax when applying. The consistency is light and easy to distribute evenly over the skin. The sun protection product is economical, absorbs quickly and matted to the skin. In the face, compact powder that keeps well and evenly. The complete INCI are here: super sensitive shield spf30 (advertising).

Recently, I have introduced the Teoxane Advances Perfecting Shield with as SPF 30. Both as a sunscreen on the face are suitable for me and I can’t take it, without getting pimples, which happens when fast on my skin in sunscreen products. The advantage of the product by Teoxane is that a slight tint in the manner of a CC-cream and light-reflecting particles to give a beautiful glow. Also the skin to feel softer.

The advantage of dermalogica product is for me that the texture is so easy, that if necessary even the usual care addition or the usual creamy or liquid makeup can be applied without having to much on the skin according to HOMETHODOLOGY. It is also colorless on the skin – despite titanium dioxide and zinc oxide without from whitening – and thus also for women, that would look really unflattering, and for men. Just a few men struggle with sunscreen, otherwise if no face cream. This sun protection by dermalogica men makes it easy the application.

For packaging

All products are delivered with little packaging. The vial or tube inside a sealed cardboard box in each minimum size with leaflets. I find this positively worth mentioning. In the price range, there are many cheating, both packaging and the product itself.

Not so good, I find the screw cap at the eyes and sunscreen. The plastic is so soft that quickly Katscher is caused in the grooves, which positively facilitate the opening. That does not detract from the usefulness of the product, but not nice looks. In the price range I would appropriate a more stable plastic.


All three products I liked very well and have replacement potential.