Karolina Kurkova, a Sex Symbol of The Catwalks

Karolina Kurkova is probably not the most stylish, nor the most elegant when it comes to parade, but what nobody can deny is that it has an attraction beyond doubt, what has earned him to be one of the best paid models, and to be ranked as one of the sexiest catwalk. Proof of this is the prize that has recently received as the woman most sexy of the year by the American chain E!. Continue reading

Ana Beatriz Barros, Sad Eyes Gir

This sad eyes girl, as the song says, it is a delight for lovers of the catwalks. A stunning body and your special look make this Brazilian one of the leading exponents together with Gisele Bundchen, Raquel Zimmermann and Adriana Lima, among others, of the powerful group of Brazilian models. Continue reading

Beauty Hacks Your Eye Shadow Can Do More Than You Think

Question: what can an eyeshadow rest yet, except on the eyelid? Very strange question on a rainy day? Sure thing: a lipstick is a hair treatment definitely on the hair on the lips, and yes damn belongs an eyeshadow on the eyelids. But awakes one morning, slowly opens the still sleepy eyes, you still with the tousled mane of muckelig warm bed rolls imagine sometime not realizing in the bath, while your feet touch the cool tiles tap and then her notes: nothing is more like it once was. All products are gone. No lipstick, no nail polish, no strobing powder and also not a rouge. Everything away! Up on the eyeshadow.

Good, now the exaggerated version by: sometimes we have simply no desire to carry around the entire arsenal of beauty with us. This cluttered bag always and everywhere in a handbag the make-up utensils flying around. Maybe just the eyebrow gel is just empty or the eyeliner has given up just his spirit, the nearest drugstore is simply not in the immediate vicinity and the date rings already on the door. Long story, short: sometimes it is worth to watch professionals over the shoulder and to pick up the one or the other trick i want to share with you directly. And this time it’s about eye shadow so the secret weapon and therefore how you can misuse this beauty dick best of all! Since eyeshadow has a sly old dog behind the ears and can make far more than only the eyelids. How? Will i tell you of course. Ready? Continue reading

Beauty: White Eyeliner Henrik Vibskov A/w 2014 – Spaghetti Hand Job

The upcoming autumn collection from Henrik Vibskov entitled “spaghetti hand job” and I have no idea why. At this moment I’m namely sitting in a little Café somewhere in Copenhagen, with much hot cocoa, but without my notebook. I can now look on the Internet for an explanation, but sometimes already enough of your own head. Yes basically is all a matter of interpretation.

The spaghetti issue extends for one half eternity like a thread by Vibskovs creations. Spaghetti hair on heads, spaghetti fringed dresses, spaghetti Dick on shirts and spaghetti girls on the catwalk. This is of course a matter of interpretation. But now comes the hand job yet. A nod to our society? Sure that a synonym for beauty has become skinny and quite a few men of this earth after “hand jobs” thirst of spindle spaghetti women? Probably not. We could now so collectively search for a more suitable response. Or just dive into the world of Henrik of the great one who always manages it with his partially deconstructed creations, to wrap the fingers and us in love to make in beautiful garment bags: Continue reading

Beauty Strumming Lashes: Eyelashes Extension In The Test

Monday 16: 00 somewhere in Berlin. A wild flashing neon sign saying “Eyelash extensions” pulls me in a cosmetic Studio. My mood can be not worse that day and so I decide to stick a little something on the mind of me. Extension of self-confidence, I come.

Mink lashes the friendly lady behind the counter does not recommend in any case directly even me, who were so stiff, hard and unnatural. “Mink? I ask the animal?”, and she nods. “We stupid people” – I think short. Faster choice of length, strength, and bending, I get stuck instead hundreds small individual synthetic silk blend hair in a nearly two-hour procedure with special glue to your own lashes. 9-11 mm length have the black hairs in my case, in which drama Queens you can book up to 15 mm eyes. Continue reading

Discovered: Blue Eye Shadow On New York Fashion Week – Do Or Don’t?

All photo via Oracle Fox & studded hearts.

Usually we would with blue eye shadow in kopfschüttelndes shouting either expire or go to laugh but out loud at the thought that we have smeared us stuff with 14 years and under the eyebrows. Blue color on the eye evokes negative associations in any case – at least until now! Because on the Mercedes-Benz fashion week New York many a make-up artist in the blue potty, or alternatively to the blue pencil grip. Unusual or off-putting that looks not at all in this case – the contrary: an accurately drawn eyeliner or added to skilful two points but a variety of shades of blue blurred on the eyelid gepinselt, very nicely do made. Continue reading

Safe Make-Up that Preserves the Health Of Eyes

There are gestures and products that can harm the your vision. Know, therefore,what are the care and the mistakes to avoid next time you put on her face.


Women love makeup and point out the good points of the face, as may be the case of the eyes. Mask, eyeliner, eyeliner pencil and shadows are all make-up products that delight. However, become more beautiful does not exclude the need to take account of certain essential care to avoid potential problems in terms of eye health. To guide you to achieve further, we would like to remind you what you can’t (even) forget whenever uses this type of products:

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Causes of Droopy Eyelids

The ptosis, eyelid drop, is a problem that occurs when the eyelid falls excessively causing anomalies and eye problems. This problem affects not only the beauty of the face, but also demonstrates a clear deterioration in the eye muscles, which can lead to a decrease of normal vision. If you want to know more about the causes of droopy eyelids make sure you read the following article. Today we will explain to you the symptoms, signs and possible solution or treatment for this disorder.

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How to Prevent the Bags in the Eye

The eyes are the first areas in our face to reflect the passage of the years, so it is important to take care of them to delay the aging of the face effectively. And if there’s one factor that becomes important to prevent are the bags in the eye, they age in large part the look, being antiestéticas and creating a face looking tired.

Many women suffer from your presence, even at a young age, this mainly due to hereditary factors. Although there are surgical alternatives to correct this problem, understand its causes and put in place some measures to avoid them is without doubt the best way to delay its onset. So, in this article of a explain to you how to prevent the bags in the eye and guarantee a fresh look for longer.

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Eyebrow Thread the Wire – Find Out What It Is!!!

Eyebrows s is the big respons to available for the set integration the format of the our face, is as if was a frame for the eyes, accentuate our expressiveness .

They give that up in look and appreciate even more the makeup. Although it seems a little detail on the face, have the awesome power to leave us with the face serious or lighter and deserves much attention.

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