14 Tricks Using Mascara that Will Make Your Life Easier

A democratic cosmetologist, mascara is also a very underestimated beauty product: there are those who think, for example, that it only serves to lengthen, enlarge and darken eyelashes, when in fact it has infinite uses and can facilitate the application of false eyelashes and even hide that little white thread that came from nothing at the temple. Continue reading

Tips to Make the Application of False Eyelashes Much Easier

The false eyelashes are an excellent gimmick for people who don’t have the naturally long and bulky yarns, since they are ensuring a more interesting and glamorous. However, it is not always easy to apply the accessory. In addition to the cola cause a real mess, your lashes often end laid down in the wrong place. To avoid problems, check out tips to make the process more convenient and efficient. Continue reading

Permanent Eyelashes

Learn how to have eyelashes with a curl effect at a glance

Many women like to highlight the look leaving the lashes longer and bulky.For them to have this effect, it is worth that help of the eyelash curler , mascara, pencils and even the false eyelashes .But all this ritual to have the most beautiful lashes, ends up taking a few minutes a day. Continue reading

4 Foolproof Tips for You to Doll Eyelashes

What woman doesn’t dream about long eyelashes and bulky? Of course, since undeniably, they make all the difference in the look, but, unfortunately, not everyone is born with lashes fed up, but … very quiet at this time, no despair, we get some cool tips over the internet so you can display around doll eyelashes, or through resources of makeup, or appealing to false eyelashes, well, let’s cut the blah blah blah and go straight to the point. Ready to have the baby? So, pen and paper in hand, note the tips: Continue reading

How to Remove False Eyelashes

Check out the step-by-step guide on how to remove eyelashes correctly without damaging the attachment

The makeup was flawless, the false eyelashes remained intact throughout the party, but it was time to remove everything from the face to sleep with clean and healthy skin.Even after a few minutes of your sleep, you need to take extra time to remove your false eyelashes. Continue reading

False Eyelashes: 4 Common Mistakes that You Should Avoid

Nothing like false eyelashes powerful to let the makeup of dazzling party! Although a good mask layers give already handle, the accessory is wildcard to open even more the look and attract all the attention. But to ensure a perfect application, you need to follow some tricks-and avoid common glides on time to glue the wires. Check out the 4 main mistakes! Continue reading

How to Highlight Eyelashes

Learn how to have superpower lashes using only basic items from your makeup kit

Having eyelashes is easier than you think. Just use a few basic makeup kit items to enhance your look with bulky, well-defined lashes. And to make it beautiful without going wrong, you need to stay on top of some tips on how to highlight eyelashes . Continue reading

Eye Makeup: Instructions for a Radiant Look

How much color, strong or light emphasis, how do I make small or large eyes? Many questions that women face when making eye makeup – but the makeup base is always the same.

Big eyes, small eyes, eyelids: every eye is different. Therefore, the eye makeup also varies from woman to woman. You can also apply it in a variety of ways. But what does not differ – whether it is meant for the job or every day, is to be colourful or seductive – is the basis for eye makeup. Once you’ve done this, nothing can go wrong with your next steps. Continue reading