Raquel Zimmermann, All a Number One

Raquel Zimmermann It is considered by many the number-one of the current runway. Although it has a somewhat elongated face, which many may not get excited, what is indisputable is that your body and your legs are the very best that we can see today on a walkway. In addition, the race that leads to their backs and its consolidation at the top, taking the witness of fellow Gisele Bundchen, they are reasons more than enough to devote our usual space at Jezebel. Continue reading

Not All The Models Are Pretty

These weeks we have bored to see models on the catwalks. They are all so divine, so high, so thin, so blond, so beautiful, so insultingly young, you feel everything so divinely … anyway, so any of us, with our shortcomings, we deprimamos. But all that glitters is not gold, There are some terribly ugly, or at least, models quite peculiar. To see if seeing their imperfect faces us encourage and give us account that we are not so bad, right?. Continue reading

How to Break Up with Spots on the Face?

Stains on the face are a nuisance that is faced by a large part of the population. What many don’t know is that there is the possibility of removing these imperfections and greatly improve the appearance. There are treatments able to retrieve any type of skin and this causes you to have a soft face like a baby. It seems to good to be true doesn’t it?

Science has evolved a lot in regards to this matter and its beauty can be very favored by these advances, or, in other words, beauty is something that is built with care.
Let’s find out how?

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Types of Makeup Products

Many people think that to be beautiful and have great products in their small necessity bag, need to be rolling in money, in fact, that’s a sorry common good of many women, who attend various places the same lipstick and a makeup already tired of war, and this extends to hair, a lot of people don’t treat properly their wires to find that only expensive products or from the land of Obama or any part of Europe are good… because yes, but things have changed, times have changed, the world spun and keeps turning and today what no shortage are well into account options that fit in your pockets for tighter than any woman can parade around kicking ass, and that’s what we’re going to show, some items of makeup and hair that has a super precinho buddy and that of course, you don’t have to go out buying everything, but gradually you can go shopping for assembling a necessaries Diva!

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How to Clean Your Face with Apple Cider Vinegar

Do a facial with apple cider vinegar became an option and a habit with great benefits for the skin of many women. Sometimes, although it seems amazing, natural products would invigorate and leave the skin more beautiful than the commercial and aesthetic treatments, so it pays to check the results for yourself. Apple cider vinegar can become your best ally to have a face more beautiful, fresh, young and free of stains and impurities. Continue reading and discover in this article of a how to clean the face with apple cider vinegar.

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How to Clean the Face with Olive Oil

The olive oil is not only a great ally to help maintain heart health or to offer to our body a dose of Omega 3, vitamin E and healthy fatty acids, but it is also one of the best allies for the beauty of our skin. It is a perfect ingredient to eliminate the makeup naturally, to nourish our skin and to ensure good hydration of the same, so you may want to add it to our beauty routine.

If you like to use natural products to care for your skin, then the following article will be to your liking. Find out how to clean the face with olive oil, the results will surprise you.

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Eyebrows for Different Face Shapes

What is the fashion of the moment we do not care, why choose the shape of the eyebrows does not depend on us, but … with the features of our face! In short, we choose the most suitable form for a perfect look!

The secret of the eyebrows is to be found in the effect that they can donate to look: magnetic, intense, seductive, that enhances your eyes and enhances the entire face.

Operating with the help of an esthetician or independently, eyebrows outlined in a wise, will be the perfect setting to be okay even without make-up .

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What Lipstick Color Is Right for Me

Hi girls! After seeing what are the most beautiful lipsticks for Spring / Summer 2015 , we see what are the general guidelines for choosing the color of lipstick that gives us more! With the right shades, in fact, we can go to enhance our lips as if we choose the wrong ones can have the opposite effect!

Bearing in mind that there are no strict rules in the world of Make Up we can follow the general guidelines to be taken into consideration when selecting the right shade of lipstick! Let’s see how to choose the color of the lipstick according to our  hair, shape of the lips, skin color, eye color

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