Wave Hairstyle: Step by Step

It is no secret that the hairstyles involving style and elegance are well ordered. The “Hair” is a darling of the thinner women, and can be used for multiple and different types of events that call for something more formal.

When in doubt about what to do with your hair, you can bet on the “Wave Hairstyle” without fear! The luxurious air that carries hairstyle will make you feel beautiful, admired, and of course, the diva party!

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Beauty A.P.C. Case 2014 Crepe Is Back – Can Do Or Be?

Crepe hair were considered during the 70 years as the absolute top seller amongst the “big hair” hair styles. With arrival of the 80s, the trend continued but for a short time to rest – came to the 00 and reformed the horror of that time, including hair mascara in flattering colors like violet or MOSS. And today? Rather not think more on it. Or maybe I?

I remember exactly how we all begged our mothers, but finally to buy one of these snazzy straightening iron, but nothing there – we sat so still for hours around on beds, platted quite a few small braids in freshly washed hair and stared up lava lamps until the whole thing was finally dried and transformed into crepe. Ever since I was a fan and I am there today. Continue reading

Beauty my master plan for pure adult skin

On my almost 30 years of adventure, they were always faithful (annoying) companion: i also never again really got rid of the pimples, i never called. I learned to understand them and me since then patiently exercise in damage control. They are now becoming increasingly rare and earlier and earlier. I would argue we have become buddies.

Hormones, stress, environmental influences, seasons, food, lifestyle – it affects our skin. The full my calendar, the ubersehter is also my face with the small pookums. During my trip to asia, however, never a mini pustelchen to me could be discovered. Looking after the happy pure skin beyond puberty, i have beautiful and less beautiful experience, wild tried, consulted dermatologist – and come out the golden rules for clear skin, which, may also accept everyone to heart of all individuality, are: Continue reading

Beauty Hair Inspiration – a Crown of Gold and More Boho

South Germany, Oh you southern Germany, me a wild parrot. Yesterday the lingerie label triumph a purling colorful celebration on the Nymphenburg Palace in Munich abroad loaded – oho! Or better – boho! Because it was the theme and wrote before the dress code for all. Boho meets 1001 nights, to be exact. Where can I find more colorful, lebensbejaende theme parties in the immercoolen Berlinchen, the official sister city of the colors black and grey? Flat. Nowhere. So come on.

Most of all interested in me Yes, as old beauty monkeys, bohoeske implementation of the mane would look like as well. Before the official part, the crowd was – and I – sent by the beauty road. Good people, like familiar faces of Alessandro and M.A.C. outer values of the guests looked after there. LA BIOSTHETIQUE was the official hair sceptre in hand, and at the end also for my hair problems solution. But in turn: Continue reading

Beauty New In The Bag: The Beauty Blast Of The Month

Pet friends now just over your hair and knock friends gently on the shoulder: you’re almost there. A, let’s say about jumping dear month is almost behind and the best days, thank God, still ahead of us.

February, the most boring of all month Sisters of the family of the year, but also not an easy does it. Have we no: at the moment it brings, with obvious reasons, half as much fun as in other times in the year. Lost in weather aggressiveness, it is massage sometimes just the sauna visit, an extensive treatment at the beautician or the three hour Thai down on the corner, which save us through the day. Or but just the little beauty new access in the bag: Continue reading

Spotted Hair Clips Against the Tristesse

While out there, the wind against our attic window whips and the smell of thirty litres felt me Chamomile tea against stomach is a little bad, plays the world due to the events of the past days and years so crazy that anyone attempting to distract themselves with beautiful looks like a mindless waste of time. But it should not be so, moreover we are in agreement. In my bookmarks bar I was looking today tomorrow so the shallowest sprinkler I had ever tagged me, what I found was a hair clip by Chanel, unbezahlblar, but pretty to look at. I think that has always been so. During the post-war period in the 50s for example, during the biggest economic crisis the world had ever seen, one focused reason always on the pompous, you sometimes overdid it with the waste of fabric and wrapped, perhaps out of spite, in the rich yarn, you could find to show the life that it goes to the enemy, the sadness, the kill to make. Many of my friends now attend concerts, refill wine in the restaurant, or make the living room to the cake paradise. Continue reading

eauty in the TEST Dove I Make You Beautiful Skin? The New Dove Dermaspa Line Is Here!

BYou knew that already: German women cream 5 minutes our body in the cut. After all, two minutes longer than our Dutch neighbours. Whether weekly or every day for 81 percent of the women heard body lotion to the fixed standard maintenance program to ensure. Although the face and hands so far still better at away come. Because if time is once again running, almost half (47 percent) of us most likely it would refrain apply a and would rather prefer the makeup and the hair style.

In almost all women feel after the little “quality time”-cream a session more beautiful and more comfortable in their Haut. Woher I again everything knows? From the Dove body love report of course, the Dove with over 1200 women from Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom implemented has, to make the connection between personal care, time for self and self-awareness to the bottom. Continue reading

Beauty Intimate – Let’s Here About It Talk! Part 1: Intimate Care

Blessing already, there is talk, it does not lead in coffee ring with the family. Or things, wants to even bring that to your best friend on the table. Unpleasant, funny, physical – though we are all suvidha. Often floats because talking about this puterrote cloud of shame over the head like a nasty, which rub the hands Cheshire Cat, which may begin in no way otherwise it might be so embarrassing. Or when did you start the last time your WG kitchen about halitosis, to talk about ear wax or discharge?

We start in a new, beautiful series with solid half-knowledge, programmed peasant shrewdness and lovingly collected BFF Council. Here among us – to all the things that are there from us come out, hang up on us or become otherwise kinda noticeable. Here we go? Part 1: Intimate care. Continue reading

DIY: Make Gradient Itself. Or: Why You Don’t Should Turn The Hair.

After I had repeatedly raved gradients whatsoever, I was apparently last week in a kind of trance state, when I mindlessly to the peroxide mush a pack at DM. To conjure up so a little history in the hair, can be finally not so hard. And anyway, didn’t have the right salons now Yes now also practicing so much time, there are ’ s somehow in the form not so long.

Thought, done. Every few minutes go a bit higher with the color finished. Within 20 minutes, my dark brown hair at the tips had in Golden blonde turns. Otherwise I saw actually no big difference. A bathroom light bulb was missing, but good. Blond is can be seen Yes nevertheless. Continue reading

The New Hair Treatments are Effective?

Innovations follow a breakneck pace. With the help of a specialist, we explain how and why you should use and abuse the new multifunction formulas.

The hair is our second card, then to the face. And, as such, deserves the same degree of dedication. The logic is just a. If we apply exfoliating, moisturizing creams, séruns, tonics and acids, in an attempt to maintain a youthful countenance, we should also do the same with the hair. This explains the boom of new hair care for all hair types and needs, providing increasingly personalized actions.

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