Let out Grow Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyles are also great and medium length hair. Only the transition, which is usually difficult. How to style hair, which is neither the one nor the other?

Once Kurzhaarfrisur and back: the long hair can be cut off, it’s usually a matter of a few minutes. Want to mind again on medium or even long time upgrading from her short hair, you need to have patience first and second many, creative ideas. Because the transition is pretty annoying. The hair fall unattractive, you can do no right hair – but also no real option is to simply hang the hair. What to do? Continue reading

Hairstyles Trends: the Perm Is Back

The perm-the hair look of the 80s. Whether woman or man, the hairstyle was absolute trend. And even though you may hardly believe it, the Perm is experiencing its revival 30 years later.

Kyle Minogue, Jennifer Grey and Rudi Völler have one thing in common: they all wore perm. And lo and behold: More and more stars are suddenly confided in the long-forgotten lure of splendour. Continue reading

Wave Hairstyle: Step by Step

It is no secret that the hairstyles involving style and elegance are well ordered. The “Hair” is a darling of the thinner women, and can be used for multiple and different types of events that call for something more formal.

When in doubt about what to do with your hair, you can bet on the “Wave Hairstyle” without fear! The luxurious air that carries hairstyle will make you feel beautiful, admired, and of course, the diva party!

Continue reading

Beauty A.P.C. Case 2014 Crepe Is Back – Can Do Or Be?

Crepe hair were considered during the 70 years as the absolute top seller amongst the “big hair” hair styles. With arrival of the 80s, the trend continued but for a short time to rest – came to the 00 and reformed the horror of that time, including hair mascara in flattering colors like violet or MOSS. And today? Rather not think more on it. Or maybe I?

I remember exactly how we all begged our mothers, but finally to buy one of these snazzy straightening iron, but nothing there – we sat so still for hours around on beds, platted quite a few small braids in freshly washed hair and stared up lava lamps until the whole thing was finally dried and transformed into crepe. Ever since I was a fan and I am there today. Continue reading