MUSC’s Reminiscence, Discovering Lesser-Known Female Fragrances. The Tested

I once had an essential oil of white musk that I fell in love for its aroma. Since then (and from the glass container broke) whenever I discover a fragrance with musk smell it carefully. MUSC of Reminiscence is my latest find.

It is not a novelty, it was created in 1970. But the French brand, Reminiscence, is not as well known by the Spanish public and is a pleasure to bring a perfume that does not carry around the world. The famous fragrance Patchouli is this same brand. Continue reading

Nice to Have #6

Oh so clean – who may not think about his brush? I can only appeal to give a cleaning brushes off and on. Just who with impure or greasy skin to fight, is thus a favor. I wash my powder brush with which I daily wear to compact powder, at least directly before beginning a fresh powder. I clean all other brushes then simply with. Only after use especially dark eyeshadow, or cream eye liner, I clean the brush immediately. If I cream makeup brush up, I clean the after a few applications. Continue reading

Book Review: Shadow Palette Koloss Wonderful!

I’ve never tested this brand to win this palette of shadows Koloss to test in the Beauty Fair this year. Right away I found the beautiful colors, mostly because they are my favorite at the time of make up: shades of blue and earthy tones, too. There are 8 eyeshadows and blush tones 4 to create numerous makeup. Continue reading

Dermalogica: Eye Care and Sun Protection in the Test

Advertising for the beauty

Dermalogica is a cosmetics company that primarily finds application in cosmetic institutes professional treatments and suitable to the needs of the skin is recommended by the local skin care specialists. According to an Institute in your area you can watch on Store Locator (advertising). Alternatively, you can find the products in the online shop by dermalogica (advertising). Continue reading

You Have Impure Skin, You Do Not Heed These Things

Pimples, blackheads and impure skin plague you, even though you already do everything to get a great skin? If you want to get a nice skin, you should consider these things in the future as well as care products.

You want to finally get rid of your impure skin without having to rumzuexperimentieren with expensive creams and care products? You can no longer ignore the following things if you want to say goodbye to the annoying pimples, Blackheads & Co. Continue reading

Top 3 Sunscreens for Oily Skins

And it’s time to talk about my favorite sunscreens. No, the summer has not officially started yet – it’s a long way off, but I think someone forgot to warn them about the sun and the temperatures, which are already at full throttle.

As you already know, I have oily skin and find a protector that suits it is not easy, since most of these products accentuate the fat of the face and usually give a lot of spine. The good news is that, in addition to me, a lot of people suffer from this problem, so brands are increasingly worrying about this large portion of consumers and launching new technologies at all times. Continue reading

Bb Cream Cc Cream and Foundation

How would you like to fill your trolley with bikini and flip flops and leave for an exotic destination? Not only could live a dream vacation, but you could also return to work much more relaxed and, above all, super tanned! It would be nice to have a perfect tan all year round, it is useless to deny it! We would feel all the most beautiful and with our beautiful complexion we could avoid makeup pounds and pounds! Continue reading