Beauty Show Me Your Nails, And I Tell You Who You Are – On The Road With Alessandro

While my colleagues with Argus eyes and Smartphonehanden in the collections of the catwalks of the fashion drilled week Berlin into it, I had a very different mission: to watch namely, to hang me on the finger of the fashion world you all on the hands – watch, analyze. There are many types of tasks and preferences in this fashion week – and thus also the hands and nails in various States find themselves. They all are the same in principle, but in the end they could not be more different, as well as their wearers.

Nevertheless, in four basic types let themselves a very probably categorize the protagonists of the fashion week. Together with Alessandro I have placed me on the lookout and that they came up with: Continue reading

How to Make Cuticle Cream

A good and healthy nail growth has a lot to do with the state in which you find your cuticles, which are a key part to keep nails free of infections, dehydration and other problems that can affect your appearance. One of the most important steps in the whole manicure is the care of the cuticles and it is always necessary to soften them and soften them before. In this way, the result is an impeccable manicure and some beautiful nails. In this article of a let’s show you a selection of homemade cuticle creams, pay attention and try the treatment that more like it.

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How to Take Care of Hands and Nails

How to obtain more and manicure and hands impeccabili. Ecco a complete tutorial, step by step.

Hands are an important part of our body … talk about us, the care and attention we devote to ourselves. A manicured hand with healthy and beautiful nails transmits an image of us as elegant and tidy.

For this reason it is important that they are always well groomed. To avoid resorting too often the beautician you have some small tricks that help it-yourself to have beautiful hands and cared for without much effort. Continue reading

How to Take Care of the False Nails

Every woman dreams of having beautiful nails and perfect, but keep the length can be a complicated task for some. If you’ve always dreamed of having long claws, the nails can be excellent alternatives. Found in numerous versions in the market, this accessory is applied easily, however, some doubts about the pós-colocação care still remain.

According to Maria Gabriela Ramirez, partner and Director of brand fake nails tips, the most appropriate is that the placement is performed by a specialized professional so that the health of your nails don’t take any danger, teaches.

For those not familiar, the dentures can be made of plastic, porcelain or silicone gel, depending on the purpose and your style. Maria Gabriela also explains that the finish of the nails and combines the use specific gel to finish the application process, leaving them for much longer.

Application of nail care:

Choose the format of the nail obeying the size of your fingernail;
Choose an application and material that matches your lifestyle;
During the placement of the prosthesis on the nail Note If there has been any formation of air between the layers, as this increases the risk of development of fungi and bacteria that can damage the nail;
The technique can be used to correct imperfections and canning the nails;
The maintenance of the nail, manicure, not weekly, but yes, every 15 days;
Finally, the acrylic nails also ensure durability of enamel.

Hypoallergenic Nail Polish

New collection for those who do not get along with preservatives of traditional formulas. Yay!

Are you a fan of colorful nails, but are allergic to components of the formula of most common jars? The Alergoshop, store specializing in hypoallergenic products, throws the vintage car collection, with 10 different colors, inspired by cars of the years 1950 and 1960 and the charming pin-up ‘ s.

The colors are: Simca (dark pink), Galaxie (pink bubble gum), Cadillac (tomato red), Taunus (lilac), Romi-Iseta (baby pink), Lincoln (coral), Brasinca Uirapuru (Pink), Willys (nude), Belair (pastel green) and Falcon (pastel blue).

The glazes are hypoallergenic, have a formulation free of the main preservatives that can cause allergies and assaulting as toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate and parabens.

VIDEO: ACRIGEL NAILS, beautiful, practical and another solution for allergy sufferers.

The full line, Eclat, also has a base for weak nails, silk base, extrabrilho, stiffener, Restorer and drying oil. All without paraben, fornaldeído, dibutilflato and toluene.

The products can be purchased in stores Alergoshop, representatives across the country or through the network Web site.


Professional Nail Gels for Beginners and Experienced Nail Technicians

Professional nail gel from the nail Studio 

Nail gel can make professional looking nails from nail Studio easily at home yourself. Own, creative nail design ideas can be implemented easily. In the meantime, there are a number of different products, which differ in their application and their properties. You all make a gorgeous nail design that holds up to three weeks. Distinction is made between nail gel to cure under UV light and gel products that cure without UV light.

nail gel

Cure nail gel under a UV lamp

Acrylic nails in the nail salon are cured under a UV lamp. Such nails for several weeks, they are stable and high gloss. Exactly such nails can be made now at home me with the DIY nail sets. There are different nail gels for home use. With the transparent acrylic gels, the nail plate is amplified and if required also extended. Colored gel nail polish in many current trend colors set hardly limits of creativity. The nail design is hardened under a small lamp in a few minutes and is durable up to three weeks. The products can be individually or be ordered as a set, also the corresponding UV lamp is available.

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Manicure Nails with Nail Accessories

Manicured hands and nails with nail accessories at Ehuacom

Buy nail files, nail scissors and nail care accessories at Ehuacom manicured hands and nails belong to a neat appearance.

The nails should be not only clean, but cut to a suitable length. At Ehuacom, you will find a wide variety of accessories for a professional and thorough nail care. A pair of nail scissors, a nail clippers or a nail file can be used to trim the nails. Nail scissors and file are often together in small pouches, which are suitable for carrying in a handbag. There are nail scissors like nail clippers, in various strengths for finger and toenails. With a nail cuticle scissors can be accurately and gently removed cuticles before they blow it up. The nails not only to the desired length to be shortened but also continue to be treated, for example, a 4 in 1 nail is used. Through the different grit of filing leaves the nails can be trimmed, cleaned, smoothed and polished.

Now, discover the huge selection of accessories and accessories for the perfect nail care in your Ehuacom online shop. From an order value of €25 Ehuacom delivers the ordered goods working days within 1 to 2 free to you home.

Manicured hands and nails


Introduction to Nail Stickers

Adhesive Decorative Artificial Nail Tips Nail Art Design Elegant Flower Pattern Adhesive Decorative Artificial Nail Tips with Purple Leopard Printed Patter

Nail stickers are a great way to inject the nails a glamorous, wild, fun or different look. Nail stickers are to you that goes up in the details, but who may not be accustomed to, or have time for myself to do nail art designs on the nails. On this page you will find a nice selection of nail stickers for all occasions, nail stickers for party, nail stickers for confirmation or wedding or nail stickers for everyday that can spice up the varnished nails with nail stickers. You get up easily a lot of attention.

How you put nail stickers

Nail stickers can be applied at either the clean fingernail or on top of the nail polish.

Just make sure to have cleaned the nail before applying your nail stickers.