Nails of Dior Vernis – “Princess”

Dior four new Nail Polish colors (and also suitable to a pretty wide range of glosses with various finishes) has launched recently – including “Princess” *, which lives up to its name. I think I’ve never seen a “tussigeren” paint:a slightly korallstichiges (on the nails) Barbie pink with much, much glitter. The full name of the paint is not in vain “Dior Vernis Sparkling Color extreme wear nail lacquer”. Continue reading

AlicelikeAudrey Make Up

By correcting imperfections in the make-up base: the make-up course with Alice Venturi, aka AlicelikeAudrey.

Correct flaws, enhance the qualities and make a make-up for an ever perfect look. E ‘can learn to do it thanks to the ongoing Make up by AlicelikeAudrey, organized by and held by Komax makeup artist Alice Venturi. These two-day intensive art of makeup and the next edition of the course will be held on 14 and 15 June 2014 at the Spazio Cantoni in Milan. The course fee is 490 EUR including VAT, but for those registering before April 30 there will be a small discount, at a cost of 399 EUR excluding VAT. The course is aimed both at professionals who want to improve as image consultants, make-up artists and beauticians, to those who want to study the techniques of make-up for personal passion.

Continue reading

Essence Show Your Feet

Among the many lines and collections that Essence offers every year there are permanent ones from time to time in the brand renews, from formulation to packaging, and this is the time of the line “Show Your Feet”, dedicated to the care and improvement of foot, products that prevent blisters to those who treat the nails. Continue reading

Tell Me How Are Your Nails, and Tell Your Personality

Personality tests are very popular and we can find them in any style, the lines of the hands, the shape of the head, but the history of the personality test is no more scientific than that, for the year 1860 was born a tendency to try to measure almost any feature of the human psyche through their representation in different things this was not an invention of someone ignorant simply was a way for wing demand response that is him toward a psychology practice to answer questions specific, then began to associate things with elements of the personality to be measured and to register, the Cattel Mckeen psychologist, it is known as founder of the diagnostic tests, because with his book Mental tests and measurements began a fruitful branch of study. Continue reading

Chanel Nail Polish Taboo

“Taboo”, at the moment will not tell you anything except to be the term used to identify a number of things to avoid, and “ethically” incorrect, rather than the board game, but in a few months we’ll match it to another of the successes of Chanel: Taboo is in fact the name of the collection enamel Revelation de Chanel for spring  summer 2013. Continue reading

Semi – Permanent Gels for Nails: New Colors and Brands

If you regularly tweak manicure stress and takes up too much time, why not avoid this problem by choosing a permanent Gel? By purchasing the appropriate kit, you’ll have at home all you need for perfect nails, bright and strong.

Currently there are kits with everything you need for DIY reconstruction nails.

We must therefore adopt a Uv lamp dries and solidifies the gel making it durable, genuine gel (clear, colored or colored already), and top coat and follow the instructions for applying the gel soak off gel. Continue reading

Nails – P2 – “Dramatic Black”

The preparation for my today’s nail design that coming into the port.After I already the Green paint from the “your wild side” LE of p2, → “Vibrant Green” already so great was, I wanted to have of course still the other two coatings from the LE. My first attempt to get the two coatings, I was unsuccessful, but a second visit at the dm of my confidence was again filled the shelf and I could still wrap up the black and the coral paint. Continue reading

Nails Decorated Animal Print Walkthrough

Every woman loves a well-made nail presumptuous, isn’t it? But in addition to keep the nails clean and beautiful, many women like to decorate your nails with various kinds of drawings. One of the types of nail decoration that makes success among women of various ages and styles is the animal print. This type of decoration is able to give a special charm in any season of the year, so it’s been so successful. Continue reading