Exclusive Eye Makeup & Eyeshadows

120-color Hypoallergenic Eyeshadow Palette Waterproof Long Lasting Matte Shade

To make up a bright-eyed look you can buy here exclusive eye makeup online from the online shop. The Velvet eyeshadow guarantees the perfect hold of your eyeshadow base, with which you initially primed the eyelid. Then you apply your eye shadow. Thanks to the varied nuances of eyeshadows you can conjure up your individual look on the lid: mysterious smokey eyes, natural long lasting eye makeup or discreet nude look. A little hint: The eyes make-up succeeds best with an eyeshadow brush. For storage of eyeshadows, you can buy here the practical, refillable beauty box online. Thanks to the specially designed, artistic design, the beauty is also an elegant accessory box that adorns every make-up bag. The eyeliner is the diva under the eyes make-up. If you want to make-up expressive, alluring eyes, pull precise eyeliner with eyeliner or a liquid liner. The finishing touches give your eye makeup with intensive mascara. The YellowPagesintheUSA.com offers you a selection of high-qualit and partly water resistant mascaras that give your lashes a strong color and stunning Verve. For example, you can buy here online mascara the all-in-one, which conjures up eyelashes for the perfect eyelashes dizzyingly long. You can complete the eye make-up, with beautiful, naturally shaped eyebrows. A rapid and precise yet eyebrows styling succeed with special products for eyebrows. For your skin and healthy eyelashes it is important that you thoroughly evening make-up off make-up the eyes. Thanks to your mild formula does not irritate the eye makeup remover eye and remove water-soluble and waterproof eye make-up easily.

2-in-1 Eyeshadow Pen Eyeliner Waterproof Crease Resistant Easy Applicatio