Expert Tips for the Bridal Makeup

The bridal make-up contributes almost as much to the perfect look as the bridal gown on the big day. To avoid makeup mishaps for the wedding, you should therefore consider some tips.

On the day of the wedding everything must sit perfectly: the gorgeous dress, just like the bridal makeup. Accordingly, you should think about how you want to make the most beautiful day of your life and perhaps even start a kind of “test run”. What not everyone is thinking about: The make-up for the wedding should also be hard-wearing, after all, it has to sit perfectly throughout the day and also withstand that perhaps the one or other tears of the stirring is roll.

Bridal Makeup: Durable And Beautiful

For the wedding celebration, you should definitely grab water-proof mascara and also pay attention to the 24-hour fitness of your make-up. “All in all, the make-up on the wedding day is put to a hard test”, cosmetics expert Peter Schmidinger from the VKE Cosmetic Association Berlin is quoted by the Media house SHZ. “It must be held all day and often until late at night. Light foundations that are fixed with powder are optimal. ” A good foundation must, of course, participate in all movements of mimicry and should not be put in the folds – after all, no one wants to smile at the cheeks of his wedding photos with mask-like traits or makeup crumbs.

Tips For The Big Day

Despite all the resistance, you should not apply too thick in the bridal makeup.According to granthamguides,  so it is important to use camouflage make-up only very discreetly. “Camouflage can be put into the wrinkles over the long day and then visually amplify it”, warns makeup expert Schmidinger. It’s best to start paying attention to your skin care a few weeks before the wedding – because if you prevent skin blemishes in time, you may even be able to dispense with the concealer on the wedding day. For particularly firm and plump skin, it is worthwhile to apply intensive moisturizing ampoules a week before the wedding to ensure optimum moisture content of your skin.