Eyebrow Thread the Wire – Find Out What It Is!!!

Eyebrows s is the big respons to available for the set integration the format of the our face, is as if was a frame for the eyes, accentuate our expressiveness .

They give that up in look and appreciate even more the makeup. Although it seems a little detail on the face, have the awesome power to leave us with the face serious or lighter and deserves much attention.

With the technique of one eyebrow to Wire, also called micropigmentation, you can forget all the pencils and heavy makeup to add volume to your wires! If your eyebrow is very pale, if you have natural faults from scars or if you don’t have any hair on the region, Eyebrow wire Wire can be a great solution!

A device that has a shape similar to a pen, does microscopic holes in the region and applies a natural inorganic pigment in their skin, outlining the format and color chosen for the Eyebrow.

Despite using needles and pigments for draw on the skin, the Eyebrow wire Wire is quite different from the tattoo. For this, we should not call her permanent makeup. What changes is that the tattoo artist always seeks to achieve the deepest layers of our skin. In t is eyebrow wire Wire technique is in the epidermis, the most superficial layer, that the sisapplied.

The use of wire Wire Eyebrow technique is perfect:

  • Had loss of hair.
  • Has very thin eyebrows after years of waxing clamp
  • Did chemotherapy or other treatments that harm the growth of the wires.
  • Suffer with some scarring that prevented the growth of hair in the region
  • Want to correct the natural asymmetry of the face.
  • Do you have problems in using the traditional makeup to keep the drawing of wires.

Eyebrow design is only possible with the help of a special device for micropigmentação, dermographism, and should always be done by a professional well qualified. And attention! Disposable needles ever! Check with your professional about the conditions of the environment and sterilization of needles and devices.

The Eyebrow wire Wire has a few restrictions information es. Only people who have anemia or frame using a pacemaker cannot perform micropigmentação.

Before you begin your treatment, you need to discuss with the professional detail the shape and color of your choice. In most cases, the procedure is performed after applying a local anaesthesia to be pigmented. The duration varies between 1 hour and 1 hour and a half.

You need to spend a day without washing the area. Also prohibited all cosmetics. Three days later, small cones begin to appear. Are completely natural and show that the skin is recovering. Stay attentive to professional tips on using petroleum jelly or healing ointments.

The retouching of possible failures, which is almost never necessary, can occur between one and three months after the session. Although the duration of treatment be, approximately, between two and four years, few traces of color will remain in greater or lesser degree. In this case, you will probably have to redo theEyebrow to Wire. If you want to reverse the process, can resort to the technique called depigmentation.

How much does it cost to do an eyebrow Thread?

Costs vary between R$350,00 and U $ 250.00. This will depend on what region of Brazil are you. The professionals specializing in Eyebrow wire Wire are called Designers of Eyebrows and there are several courses in Brazil and abroad promoting their empowerment, training and specialization.

The result is a graceful and clean. A natural look and perfect symmetry in terms of position of the eyebrows and colour, you will always be beautiful.