Eyebrows for Different Face Shapes

What is the fashion of the moment we do not care, why choose the shape of the eyebrows does not depend on us, but … with the features of our face! In short, we choose the most suitable form for a perfect look!

The secret of the eyebrows is to be found in the effect that they can donate to look: magnetic, intense, seductive, that enhances your eyes and enhances the entire face.

Operating with the help of an esthetician or independently, eyebrows outlined in a wise, will be the perfect setting to be okay even without make-up .

Volumized, thick, redesigned and canceled.

Help! What form suits our face?

It is not always easy to understand, but follow our advice.

To help you begin collecting hair back and struccatevi removing all traces of make up.

Look in the beauty case a comb or the brush of an old mascara and brush the eyebrows both upwards and outwards.

And now we offer you 5 types of eyebrows!

Osservatevi carefully and understand how are your features and what the style that suits you the most.

1. Rounded Eyebrows

This type of eyebrows is characterized by a gentle curve which is created above the eye without that you define any arc.

For this, the facial features are softened and the face looks very natural.

The rounded eyebrows allow you to play a lot with make-up as they leave the upper arch space allowing us therefore to emphasize it.

This form softens the faces at heart , highlights the delicate chin and makes less obvious the angular features.

We find this form of eyebrows on the faces of some stars: Madonna, Linda Evangelista, Michelle Pfeiffer, Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts, Sharon Stone, Julianne Moore, Mariah Carey.

2. Eyebrows gullwing

Angled eyebrows are high impact and do not go unnoticed.

Their form is only initially directed upwards, up to the point where it creates a sharp angle and well defined.

This type gives an air of saucy eyebrow arch and at the same time one elegant look.

That can also mask the first crow’s feet because the angle created does is raise the eye, especially those tending downwards, and refine the elongated faces.

To get a more pronounced effect can always resort to using a pencil and you’re done!

The star with this form of eyebrows are of timeless beauty: Catherine Zeta Jones, Marilyn Monroe, Kate Moss, Audrey Hepburn, Angelina Jolie, Uma Thurman, Ashley Judd, Diana Ross.

3. Eyebrows to soft corner

Also called for eyebrows rounded corner , these are considered the most classic and certainly less impact than previous.

The basic form is the same as those at an angle and can be realized both thin is thicker.

Give refinement and femininity at every face as the arch helps to open the eye by placing the eye in obvious relief.

The facial features are harmonized, they soften when they are more angular and total balance each other.

If you want to give the face a more strong effect try pettinarle vertically, you will surely be the most original!

Ecco le star che al quale dona questa forma: Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Beyoncé, Nicole Kidman, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly.

4. Eyebrows arched

Arched eyebrows have a particular shape, curving slightly downward before rising before falling back down again creating precisely the arc.

Without a doubt, this type of eyebrows gives the face a confident air and determined, expressively accentuates a look thoughtfully and mischievous.

The added value of this form is to bring out the cheeks, mainly those from the small cheekbones and less obvious.

Eyebrows of this type we can admire them on the faces of fascinating star: Halle Berry, Helena Christensen, Salma Hayek, Janet Jackson, Raquel Welch, Milla Jovovich, Sophia Loren.

5. Straight Eyebrows

This kind of thick and well-groomed eyebrows, tends to have a period just mentioned, or in some cases not to have it at all.

They are special because they give an air of innocent and natural to those who choose them but at the same time their straight form requires constant care because they develop near the eye.

Riproporzionano and come to the rescue of those women who have long faces and high forehead, making them appear more oval.

In addition, the horizontal line gives value and puts out big eyes.

The sensuality of these eyebrows can appreciate it on the faces of: Keira Knightley, Juliette Binoche, Jessica Alba, Claudia Schiffer, Courtney Cox, Brooke Shields, Natalie Portman.