Eyelashes: That’s All That There Is To Know

Use and, above all, appreciate the false eyelashes is not all, but enough to know them and find out their potential order to be able to love. Here are the basics to learn to choose and wear the right ones for you!

Who among us has not dreamed a sweet doe eyes? All of us, at least once in your life, we would have liked to have thick eyelashes, long and super curved. Unfortunately, few women can boast of the lashes as well, but, fortunately, all the others may resort to false eyelashes, which give us immediately to look deep and defined much sought after.

But we can not always make the right choice when buying, in fact the ‘ main mistake that usually tends to make is to choose fake eyelashes too. Of course, the very name of this product implies its artificial nature, but, especially in recent years, were born of the eyelashes that are really very natural and they can seem almost real.

1. Know the different types of false eyelashes

For accurate choice it is fundamental to know well this interesting product. It will serve you first know that there are not only the classic called “false eyelashes tape“, but the market will find even those tufts. In the first case we speak of a tape with eyelash glue to be applied in full, very close to our natural. You can find the normal, colored or dizzyingly long super, or even with all types of applications, such as bows, sequins and feathers.

In the second case, instead, it is small tufts of eyelashes that can separately and be applied only in the area of interest. Indeed, we can choose to apply only to the 3 eye order to obtain so the classic elongated look “catlike”, or we can choose a look “doe”, concentrating in the central area of the eye. This type of eyelashes are more versatile secure and above all more natural than those tape.

2. How to apply false eyelashes?

Whether or tape tufts, to apply false eyelashes we need dell’apposita glue, easily available in any make up shop. In almost all cases, though, you can find it already in the eyelashes of the same package. Always exercise care when removing Fate out of their box, this because being glued to the box, pulling too hard, you risk sformarle and thus make the eyelashes newly purchased unusable.

For eyelashes in tufts recommend applying a drop glue on the back of the hand and move the base of the tuft inside the same. Conversely, for those tape the best solution is to apply a little ‘glue on the basis of a pair of tweezers, and then pass it over the entire tape of the eyelashes. Then wait at least 10-15 seconds until the glue is ready to adhere to your eyelid. The next step will be that of ‘application, which must be carried out always being very careful not to distance yourself too much from your natural lashes. Help yourself with the tweezers in order to be more precise. You can then decide to apply the mascara that will help your natural lashes to adhere to those feints, so you always known not the presence of the latter.

3. The glue for false eyelashes

As we mentioned above, within each box you will find almost always a small sample of glue for false eyelashes. Unfortunately, however, not always it is a good product, that is able to ensure good adhesion. It is advisable to buy other, higher quality. One of the most used glues and appreciated is definitely the DUO, which is found in white version, than in the black. The first, just applied, will be white and visible, but just let it dry completely not to notice any trace. That black hand is almost invisible from the start, because of its color identical to the color of false eyelashes.

4. Mascara in fake eyelashes effect

Finally, if you do not want to wear real false eyelashes, you can opt for a mascara that can be likened to the effect you’re after, although nothing will ever make you get the same result that you would reach through the application of more lashes. Besides the usual classic mascara, perhaps too optimistically, promise much-needed fake eyelashes effect, you can try those with inside the fibers. It is mascara that release of small fibers on your natural eyelashes, for the purpose of infoltirle and stretch them. Of course the effect will surely be very natural, but the greater risk is to find himself on the face small residuals, which are likely to fall during the day. It is then up to you if you prefer the mascara or the classic and timeless eyelashes.