False Eyelashes: 4 Common Mistakes that You Should Avoid

Nothing like false eyelashes powerful to let the makeup of dazzling party! Although a good mask layers give already handle, the accessory is wildcard to open even more the look and attract all the attention. But to ensure a perfect application, you need to follow some tricks-and avoid common glides on time to glue the wires. Check out the 4 main mistakes!

1. Leave a space between the row of natural eyelashes and hairpieces

If the intention is that the false eyelashes stay pretty natural in the eyes, it is important not to leave no space between the accessory and the eyelash line. Often, when you paste the wires, there’s a small line leaked, which can leave the result as well. To do this, browse to apply the item very close to natural and don’t forget to do a black outlined to correct any imperfection.

2. Apply too much glue on fake eyelashes

Another thing that could end with the look of false eyelashes is to apply too much glue. In addition to take longer to dry, this causes the slide too, smearing all make of eyes ready. The ideal is to brush a thin layer of glue and wait harden for a few seconds, for only then paste in the eye.

3. Close your eyes or lower your head when applying

So that the eyelashes stay flawless, the position of the eyes and the head during application is also important. In front of the mirror, the face straight and close your eye to apply the attachment, right? In fact, this habit can leave the Cilia bent and positioned down. But no despair-there is a more practical way. Just raise your Chin slightly and glue the fake wires with your open eye, looking down.

4. Paste the false eyelashes natural us

For the beginners, it may seem intuitive paste false eyelashes can supply OEM us, but, in fact, the wires should be applied on the skin. However, the more different the natural, best-only good take care not to let it touch the wires and then have difficulty to remove. At the time of applying, it is worth using a straight tip-that helps position the item in the center of the eye and hit the corners-and paste from top to bottom, rather than from front to back.