Fashion Fair Cosmetics Makeup Vintage

Fashion Fair Cosmetics

Brand facts:

  • Fashion Fair is a famous cosmetics brand specializing in producing beauty products like makeup and skin care products for women in the world.
  • The brand is built to design cosmetics products especially for women of color who can hardly find suitable makeup products in the market, and now it has become a global leading brand favored by people with deeper skin.

Fashion Fair Cosmetics Makeup Vintage


Main Categories:

Make up, skin care


Time and place: 1973, US

Early products: cosmetics

Founder: John H. Johnson

Parent company: Johnson Publishing Company


Headquarter Location:
Chicago, Illinois, US


Store Locations:

US, Canada, Bahamas, Bermuda, Bitswana, France, Ireland, Kenya, Malawi, Netherlands, Nigeria, Tanzania, UK


Price Range:

Eyeshadows: £1.55-£14.42


Official Website: