Find the Right Foundation for the Color of Our Skin Tone

Soon it will not be so difficult to find the foundation that marry perfectly with our flesh. Since July in some Sephora store, it will be available a screening service developed by Pantone, which identifies the exact color of our skin to find the perfect color for our foundation. E ‘it born on SEPHORA + PANTONE color profile!

How many times in perfumery we bought a foundation, thinking it was the right one for us and then, trying it at home, in daylight we quickly realized that this had disastrous effect on our complexion? If you are stoves and arcistufe effect “cotto” as well as the effect “Capodimonte porcelain”, will soon benefit from this innovation which, we are certain, will mark the new frontier skincare!

What is it? Since June 30, perfumeries Sephora, will be developed a skin scanning system. The machine has been designed in collaboration with Pantone (the # 1 company in the world in terms of color classification). It is a portable colorimeter that achieves a perfect scan of the facial skin in 3 different points thanks to 17 built-in flash, identifying the exact color and identifying it with a code. And ‘finally connected to an App for iPad through which, the sales assistant defines together with the customer any preferences for texture, the finish or other characteristics of the product to ensure all the selection options in various price ranges.

This will enable customers to not go wrong in choosing the more the color of the foundation, and avoid unpleasant disconnect between the face and neck, but more importantly, it will help us learn more about our guiding us in finding our skin undertone, a key parameter for the choice of the basis for our make up. of course there is no obligation to purchase and the data obtained from this research may be sent to the customer to the customer by e-mail by scanning its loyalty card Sephora.

This service will be available for free from June 30 exclusively in the store in Milan (Porta Nuova Central Station, Vittorio Emanuele, Via Dante, Vercelli) and Rome (Via del Corso).

Since the beginning of July 2013 as a test in 6 Beauty Store Sephora .