Fringe Dossier

I am a passionate confesses the fringes I keep my few good years, half or long curtinha, but never without fringe! And the short bangs are a classic that always end up coming back, and these days, the fire in the ass came over me and I decided to cut my own. Claaaro who gave bad, it was very short and I had to use clip and a couple of weeks until the cease damage. Maaaas, hair grows, and in three weeks my fringe was the way I wanted when I decided to cut and I’m loving too much, because I really love having bangs!

My now it’s like this:

I am kinda tart yet, I know, but I expect it to grow even go to a professional to find a way. Cut alone ever again, that’s the moral ahhaha. But, the lesser of evils, she’s really cool now, and my inspiration goes through the fringe of several famous, most have changed the hair but I leave always saved, and decided to share with you that wants to have bangs too <3 ( just does not cut alone if you have -14 coordination like me)