Get Paid to Tattoo a Company Logo

We thought having heard them all and instead we were not even close! The brand Marc Ecko Enterprises, a group of Lifestyle & Entertainment cult, has proposed an initiative truly amazing: a tattoo indelibly marked with the brand logo that entitles you to 20% discount on all products. It seems absurd but it works in the US and Puerto Rico, where it is distributed this line, is already a hit.On the official website, the brand Marc Ecko has devoted a special section to these tattoos!

The rules are few and simple: the tattoo must be indelible so permanently, you can do it everywhere and there are no size limitations, must be original but just download the picture from the site (there is also a wide choice). The tattoo you should only present at the time of charge, wherever that may be enough to show it, and automatically you will be entitled to 20% discount. The offer is not valid, then you can do one tattoo per person, and is not transferable third, but this can be easily overcome, because just that one pay for all. To me it sounds crazy but in America is already a trend, there are many guys who are roaming the streets very proud of their special tattoo! The brand Marc Ecko Enterprises has launched an unprecedented publicity stunt that, I’m sure, will be adopted by many other label.

A crazy idea as genius, a living and permanent advertising that not only showcases his own brand but stimulates the purchase, those who know they have 20% discount in a store, why should I go to another? My dear friends of Fashion Pour Femme, I’m sure that none of you would ever tattooed the logo of Marc Ecko Enterprises, but if the initiative came from Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Burberry, Gucci, Fendi & Co. are just sure that the resistereste tempting 20% discount for life?