Hair Accessories Spring Summer

Forget hair loose and the wind: this summer will be to depopulate hair accessories, especially scarves, turbans, pins, ribbons, precious stones or gold hoops.

It’s not just to keep the hair in order, but just to make the ‘precious and unique hairstyle even if the sea. Just use your imagination and enrich your hair with a single detail, even better coordinated to the rest of the look or mood of the event to which we are going to participate in

Spille e Forcine

The easiest way is certainly to refurbish collected or bun with pins and precious hairpins, bright and silvery that help to keep your hair in order and at the same time a lot embellish the hairstyle.

Foulard e Turbanti

Beautiful even the idea of ​​closing the canopy in precious scarves, silk and adorned with colorful patterns and unique. The extra touch? Let them dangling along the entire length of the tail, or use them as real turbans that conceal a part or all the hair: you will truly chic!


Beautiful, though bold, the trend wreaths and fresh flowers thrown by Dolce and Gabbana. The watchwords in this case, are gold and red and can be declined in circles / crowns flashy and unique (perfect whether subtle or adorned with flowers, both when combined with dresses in the same colors) or pins and clips golden tight chignon in low and soft.

The interpretation of the Blogger in Coachella

If, however, you think that the alternative catwalk are a bit ‘too elegant and unusual to be worn in everyday life, then you can take inspiration from bloggers at the recent Coachella festival have reinterpreted the frame mood, flowers and scarves making their look very special and absolutely impeccable.

Accessories Pop

Super colorful and pop trend of Fendi and Moschino casting respectively “barbie style” brooches shaped sunglasses or bands and ribbons of colored leather that cover the entire length of the tail. It is a very colorful trend and original, perfect definitely on the shore, but, with the necessary modifications, also for a theme party in town!

To all TWIST

Finally, regarding the “twist” that takes a trend boho hippie-style tops featuring braids, mini chignon and strands rolled up on themselves and positioned as if they were rosaries, you can take advantage of the imagination and have fun creating particular hairstyles and elegant , beautiful by the sea, but also for sundowners in chic version easy.