Hair (More) Care This Winter

Greater use of hot water and hair dryer, the pair of temperature reductions will damage the hair strands. Useful tips to keep them strong and healthy in the cold season.

Regardless of the season, it is necessary to give our hair care, in order to give you the necessary hydration to keep always in life, brightness and texture. In winter there are some gestures that can make a difference and contribute to show some hair strong, shiny and healthy truly in the months of cold. These are some of the main cautions must be observed during this period of increased external aggressions:

-Use warm water

The excess hot water is one of the main enemies of the hair this season. If mushrooms in water temperature that we rinse our hair, desidratamo them and we fall, and can even cause a scaling of the scalp, which is often confused with dandruff. This way, whenever possible to opt for warm water instead of hot water.

-Clean the hair of particles

Before we apply any extra product in our hair, we must make sure that it is clean and free of impurities. In this way, should we bet a shampoo that cleans the hair in depth, freeing him of all the particles and debris from products that may still have.

-Use a hydration mask

Essential step for an invigorating hair. After a good conditioner, must be applied a good extra moisturizing mask at least once a week. The mask chosen should take into account the kind of hair, so that its properties can meet the needs of the hair in question.

-Avoid the dryer

The use of hair dryer or other electric devices, like shapewear or Straighteners, should be performed with care and always with the products to protect your hair from attacks using these appliances can cause.

The use of high temperatures, without any extra care, causes the weakening, causing the hair to become increasingly weak and brittle. In this way, the use of products that take into consideration these factors, there is essential.

-Fight oil

In winter, the hairs tend to be more oily, factor that can be prevented or controlled, if we opt for conditioners and moisturizers light shades.

-Do not sleep with wet hair

This kind of behavior must be avoided, as well as the damp hair, become weak and brittle. In addition to being uncomfortable to go to bed with wet hair, runs serious risk of bump with a hairdo like American singer Tina Turner when looking in a mirror.

-Massage your scalp

When washing your hair, massage the scalp with a circular motion. These moves will allow the oxygenation and circulation of the scalp, as well as provide you with an immediate welfare.