Hair: Mother of Pearl

We are constantly bombarded with new trends for hair.

It seems that, suddenly, the traditional colours have no more space between the more fashions and tuned.

And so, another trend, slow, coming and already winning who loves a novelty: Mother of pearl hair, which translated means mother Pearl Hair.

Well, it seems that the women are no longer content with simply colored hair, it is not enough to have color, it has to be different, and so, Mother of pearl has everything to be very successful.

Plus, for those who always wanted to have colored hair but don’t want anything to be so radical or even fight with your professional life, the Mother of pearl is perfect. And you know why?

Because the result is subtle … just like her own mother, looking like a rainbow reflected in the hair.

It’s worth knowing that this technique was created by Angelo Seminara, and really the result is super cute, so is gaining more and more strength in salons and on social networks.

Mother of pearl proves that the fever of colored hair should not end so soon, just be recast.
In fact, Mother of pearl is more an “effect” than a dye-is a combination of iridescent tones on and off the hair, that is, an effect, really, a mother of Pearl.

And the coolest thing is that Mother of pearl combines with all hair types.
Mother of pearl is a technique totally inspired by the iridescent shells from the ocean.
Hum…se pearl comes from Pearl, must be a kind of white hair, right?

No, the technique is inspired by the many subtle lights reflected by a mother-of-Pearl, reflecting different colors depending on the angle of view, so more than one color, Mother of pearl hair is an effect.

Anyway, the mother has the same origin of the Pearl: the shell.

In some types of shellfish, when entering a foreign body inside the body of the clam starts to release a nacreous substance covering the inside of the shell is known as mother of Pearl.

As the name says: mother-of-Pearl means “mother of pearls”.

The technique consists of work different colors of the Rainbow along with the haircut, recreating reflexes and shades of mother of Pearl.

Oh, and the coolest thing is that you can choose your favorite colors!

And anyone can use this technique, because its effect is subtle, just choose the colors to use them on a few threads, which may be hidden in some cases, such as in a more formal working environment.

And you, what do you think of this trend? Yes or no to her?