Hairstyles for Wedding Ceremony

You are invited to a formal event and do not know how pettinarvi? That’s a lot of photos and ideas for wedding hairstyles!

It happens to all. As soon as we hand over an invitation for a wedding, a confirmation, a baptism or a ceremony in general, the questions that swirl in his head are always the same: ‘What shall I wear? As I catch? As I comb?’ .

We are here to answer all of these questions! First of all we choose the ‘dress  that will be the focal point of our outfits; we are certain that you will find the perfect dress among the proposals of the famous Spanish brand Pronovias. Then we think about the make-up, which must be simple and elegant just like the ones we show you in this tutorial. And if you are curious to see the perfect bridal makeup look at these photos.


Finally, we think of hair: as acconciarli? We selected many pictures and look ideas to show off for a special event. Many types of crops and not for girls with smooth hair, wavy or curly. Let’s find out together!


When you think of elegant and refined hairstyle you imagine the chignon. Famous among women since the time of the ancient Greeks, the bun is the hairstyle for excellence in ballet dancers.Linear, clean and super chic wearing it in sports, which on special occasions: a real picture frame!

Another feature of this crop is the variety: there are many types, of different style, gender to be achieved with various techniques. One brought by the model is a low chignon, which stops the hair on the nape rolling one large section on herself. If done well, this hairstyle can last throughout the day, defeating the heat, humidity, dances and festivities dances.

An alternative to the chignon classic is what the French, also more commonly known as hairstyle in banana . The hair is collected all from one side to reproduce this tubular shape which makes the hair more immediately vaporous; much in vogue in the ’60s, a time when the volume was a must, this fine and refined hairstyle may be embellished with some accessories for hair, maybe the same color as the dress worn.

Definitely more challenging but greatly of this effect Side collected. It’s ideal for those with long hair, or for girls with an average cut, but with full-bodied hair and bulky. Soft waves, stops by hidden hairpins, curling in on themselves, creating a ‘sophisticated hairstyle.

There are plenty of ideas collected hair that can be combined to achieve more and more creative and original hairstyles. We play with the shapes and have fun to cross, curl and comb the hair to our taste!

We rely on the volume in the upper part of the head as both models on the left, that wrap the hair in hair styles seamlessly into the fold and tidy, but at the same time massive. On the contrary, the picture on the right brings us examples of chignon unique, which focus primarily on the foliage neck; we can embellish everything with pretty lights or simply with a particular intersection of strands, a simple technique that totally changes the look.


Who said that to look smart you have to be perfect? We have a sophisticated look even with a few tufts and a hair out of place a little ‘messed. As? Just opt for a collected disheveled!

This kind of hairstyle is the best choice for girls who have straight hair or curly , who find it difficult to collect the hair in a perfect styling because they always have a few strands out of place.

If your hair already formed naturally of soft waves, you have to do is follow them! Divide the hair into sections and pin the strands with the hairpins at various points of the head, without proceeding with a rigorous order, but simply going in the direction of your waves.

With this method you can make simple hairstyles and fast, which could be the ideal solution for the girls from the frizzy hair. Drop a few strand of hair in front of or on the shoulders to get a more ‘messed effect’ and to create a contrast of styles between this combing a little ‘grunge and elegant dress.

If your goal is the volume that is collected for you! The hair is super fluffy thanks to the effect frisé, a must of the fashion hair 90s back in vogue in recent years. Unlike 20 years ago, the frisè today not has defined and precise, but soft and brushed in order to give more volume to the hair.

To add a refined touch to the look wear a headband or headband for hair, maybe to match your outfit or your clutch.

For the super curly here is a particular proposal, maybe a little ‘eccentric, but certainly of effect: araised conical. Your beautiful curls are the protagonists of this hairstyle is vertically almost creating a swirl of curls.


Such as clothing, accessories and make up even the hair fashion trend has changed a lot during the decades of the twentieth century and some hairstyles, worn by actresses and singers, made ​​history. Why, therefore, do not interpret the past in a modern way?

This hairstyle is an example of style between the ’20s and ’30s,  the period when women began to cut their hair to reproduce, in a feminine key, the short cut which until then had been a male-only feature.  The look worn by the model is the move version of the classic bob of that period: short hair height ears and bright must-have accessory to give character to the foliage

We jump forward a few years and let’s dive in the age of the jukebox and movie stars. This harvest 50s will match perfectly with your outfit, whether for your special occasion will wear a tight dress at the waist or a full skirt.

Do not forget the hairpins behind the ear, which in addition to calling the retro style, can be matched to the color of your accessories (necklaces, earrings or bracelets) for a flawless look!

We conclude our brief journey through time with a ’70s hairstyle. If you are stoves usual chignon, this super massive crop will definitely up your alley.

How to achieve it? Obviously you need help with a donut for hair size maxi, around which you’ll wind your hair then secure with hairpins. If you want to play then the hair style 70s strictly, let a tuft or bangs will fall on the eyes.


We transform the classic low ponytail, hairstyle that we use daily in the city or for sport, in a ‘hairstyle by ceremony. How to do? It takes small steps to make immediately more refined look.

For example, this side tail is adorned with a torchon that starts from the clump and went to join the rest of the canopy, closed by elastic purposely hidden by a lock of hair. The model then leads him shatush, pink touches only on the tips of the hair, making it the most original hairstyle.

Much more romantic this tail at the nape: fluffy tuft side, light backcombing at the top of the hair and spikes just curled.

And here again a hairstyle in which the protagonist is the frisè. Sometimes the effect is defined and precise, but overall the hairstyle is vaporous and purposely inaccurate for a look a bit ‘wild that can become the perfect ally for those who prefer not to go to the ceremonies dressed too formally.

If you liked the idea, but would like something more ‘composed’, we propose the same hairstyle in less disheveled version and decorated with a braid  in circle decorated with a thin string of pearls.

If you want to discover how to make a braid headband, you will find all the tips and tutorials in our article devoted entirely to the braids.


If you are impractical with the hairstyles and the manual is not your forte, abandoned any intent and does not ‘strappatevi hair’, but opt for the easiest solution: the hair loose.

To enrich and beautify the hair played with accessories, like this beautiful flower teal with sequins. In the market there are many hairpins , of various forms, nuaches and sizes; if you want a tip on where to buy them, we suggest the chain H & M stores, always stocked the latest fashion hair accessories.


But if her hair will look too informal and too elaborate collected, you can try a semi collected .Almost all of the foliage formed by snow-white curls falling softly over his shoulder while two side strands intertwine and come together at the nape. To embellish the whole, a clasp with small bright stones.


Do not worry, there are still many other proposals of hair style to inspire you! Browse through our photo gallery and do not miss the best ideas for a hair look as perfect ceremony!

Now it’s your turn! Which hairstyle hair you liked most? What would you like to play for a special occasion? We await your comments!