Hairstyles Trends: the Perm Is Back

The perm-the hair look of the 80s. Whether woman or man, the hairstyle was absolute trend. And even though you may hardly believe it, the Perm is experiencing its revival 30 years later.

Kyle Minogue, Jennifer Grey and Rudi Völler have one thing in common: they all wore perm. And lo and behold: More and more stars are suddenly confided in the long-forgotten lure of splendour.

The Perm of Today

Now, please don’t panic: the “poodle hairdo” as you know from the 80s is final story. The new perm consists of large, natural-looking curls. It gives the hair movement and resists the also prevailing strict trend, where clear lines in the hair indicate the tone.

Hairstyles Trends the Perm Is Back

How to Create a Perm

But how does a perm ever arise? The wave is based on a chemical process that allows the hair to wear permanently curly.

It is initially moistened to open the hair structure and to allow the perm fluid to penetrate better into the hair. The moist hair is then turned onto a curling winder. The choice of rods determines the size of the curls. Then you wear the well agent. After the reaction time, the hair is rinsed off, dry spotted and a fixation liquid is applied. She fixes the hair and makes it permanently curly. After ten minutes the hair can be washed out. The result: a long-lasting wave!

Brittle Hair through Perm

Those who want to join the new trend and wear permanent curls should note that the chemical process of the perm can be harmful to the hair as the hair is restructured and chemically fixed. As a result, it loses its own protective layer and can become brittle. Those who cannot be scared of it should cultivate their new curling mane intensively: here shampoos and rinses are suitable for dry and damaged hair. In addition, it is advisable to apply an intensive treatment at least once a week.

Perm for All?

In principle, everyone can have a permanent wave. Ideally, the hair should have a uniform structure, such as completely smooth or frizzy hair – this usually improves the result of the treatment. According to vintagewill, if your hair is blonde, you should refrain from a perm, as your hair has a different structure than natural hair.

Alternative: Shortwave

Those who crave a curly mane or more volume in their hair, but do not want to undergo the procedure of the perm, can alternatively turn curling rods into the hair or use a curling rod. Both variants are gentler to the hair with less use, but conjure up a similar curly splendour as a perm – albeit only in the short term.