Having a Makeup That Lasts Is Possible (II)

Already have the prepared skin, our goal that the makeup last for hours and hours. Most of the time outputs involve eating, sweat or kisses, this our face is exposed again and again to the continued friction.

  • Look for a moisturizer before apply you the color, if you have oily or mixed skin “oil free” (without oil), wait five minutes and take off the excess cream with absorbent paper.
  • For best results apply a matte powder on your face, avoid shines and will fix the color.
  • The eyelids and lips is where we have to emphasise, since it is here where the results are noticed better. Apply them Foundation and powder matte and remember that if you use the shadows in powder, last much more.

Always carries a compact and a “gloss” on the bag, retouch when notes any brightness and you’ll be all day perfect.