High Quality Eyeshadows

96-color Hypoallergenic Eyeshadow Palette Waterproof 8 Smudge Sponges

High quality eyeshadow can be bought online in the BRIDGAT online shop – turn your eyes into an irresistible eye-catcher! With eye shadow you not only have charming accents, you can also model your face. Applied in the right places, it makes larger round eyes almond shaped or small. Make your eye shadow last all day, apply the primer eye shadow from BRIDGAT, which significantly improves the durability and at the same time intensify the color brilliance. A color coordinated eye shadow and nail polish make every outfit complete. Thanks to the varied shades of BRIDGAT eye shadow, which you can buy here online, you put any look perfectly in scene. Conjure up a touch of romance to your eyelids with eye shadows in soft pastel colors, make a glamorous statement with smokey eyes or create a discreet nude look. There are no limits to their imagination. And if you want to refresh your eye shadow on the road, the luxury beauty box, a practical companion. In it, you can safely store your Eye shadows and individually share thanks to the magnetic system.


At BRIDGAT, you can buy a variety of eye shadow online for your unique look!

6-color Hypoallergenic Waterproof Eyeshadow Set Smudge Sponge Long Lasting