How Long Are My Cosmetic Products Last?

A life without mascara, powder, or nail polish would not be conceivable for many ladies. A high on all cosmetic products! How long these are durable can hardly be asked. Or do you know how long you can use your beauty products without hesitation after opening?

Not only food can spoil, also cosmetic products.How long they are durable depends, on the one hand, whether they have already been opened or not.The first is particularly interesting, because the article is open once, the clock ticks.If you do not want to risk pimples or other skin irritations, you should be informed in good time of the respective shelf life.

Availability:open products

Whether closed or opened – this is not only a difference in sausage, cheese, yoghurt and many other foods.Cosmetics also spoil faster after the first use.For unused articles, a shelf life of at least 30 months applies.If this is underneath, you will find a minimum shelf life on the package.

It looks different when cosmetics are broken.If there has been no information for this, consumers have been able to find a new symbol on the articles since March 2016:an open creme head with the respective specification of the months, which can be used without hesitation.

Twelve different cosmetic products and how long they are durable

Not every beauty item lasts the same time.The respective duration of use depends on the ingredients as well as on the area in which it is used.Below are a few guidelines for the most popular cosmetic products and how long they are durable:

  1. Eye cream:The skin around the eyes is particularly sensitive.To avoid irritation, eye creams contain less preservatives than other cosmetic products.How long do they last?Only up to four months.
  1. Creams and masks:There are lotions and masks for the face and for the body. For them, durability: after opening they can be used for about one year. Tip how you can see if your care products are still good:If cream and oil form a separate layer in the crucible, the item belongs to the garbage.
  2. Deo:For the refreshers for the armpit you really only need to pay attention to the correct storage. Otherwise you can use your Deo until it’s dried up.
  3. Liquid Eyeliner:It provides an accentuated eye area and a seductive look. Since one often needs only a little, he eats a long existence in the cosmetic bag. Eight months after opening you should separate yourself from your liquid yelp and provide for fresh supplies.
  4. Foundation:A smooth, even complexion is important to many women. Luckily there are corresponding cosmetic products. But how long are these durable? A point that is often overlooked in foundations. You can use the make-up for up to one year. Clean but occasionally the lid.
  5. Lipstick:Lipsticks provide great color accents on the face. Whoever colors his lips only on certain occasions is lucky, because lipsticks and glosses are durable for about three years – but only if you protect them from the sun.
  1. ·  Mascara:Since it is also applied to the eyes, the durability of eyelash tuffs is rather low compared to the various cosmetic products. How long does it last? About three to six months. Important: If you have a conjunctivitis, you should change your mascara necessarily, otherwise you risk a new illness. Nail polish:Do you have nail polishes, depending on the mood, only in a specific season or to a single outfit? Then you should especially remember when you open a varnish – after a year, for example, its consistency changes and the application becomes a torture. Away with it!
  2. Powder:For a long time you can use dry products like pressed powder – up to five years.The brushes and sponges with which you apply the makeup, but you should regularly clean or replace.
  3. Perfume:The same applies to the nail polish when perfume is used: not every fragrance fits every season, every mood and every outfit.However, you should not use your perfumes longer than one to two years after opening.Also pay attention to a cool and dark storage.
  4. Cleaning products:facial water, eye make-up remover, nail polish remover and other items for cleaning face and nails are durable for about two years.If these are treated with alcohol, you can even use them for up to three years.
  5. Self- tanning:Do you belong to the advocates of artificial tanning when the sun and heat are rare from October?On the market there are correspondingly many cosmetic products.How long do they last?Usually not longer than half a year.The articles lose their effect after about six months.

It depends on the correct storage of your beauty products

Whoever does not know when he has bought or opened a product can also help himself.

Because appearance and smell usually indicate whether the articles can still be used or rather should be disposed of. In general, a cool and dry storage in dark places has a positive effect on the quality of most cosmetic products. As long as they are durable, everyone has their own hand. But be careful: it should not be too cold either. In the refrigerator, for example, the consistency of nail polishes, lipsticks and powders changes so that they can hardly be used any more.