How to Change the Shape of Your Lips Naturally

Today, with the new shades for lips finally we can have perfect lips all day and zero risk smudging.
In make up what matters most is new and a bit ‘of time in this part of what is actually drawing the crowds are the colors for lips.

More gloss of a lipstick, less of a sticky gloss and significantly more durable than any other product for lips that you ever saw and, not to be ignored, without the danger of embarrassing smudges.

The shades for lips have the distinction of having a somewhat dry formulation which means that the product is well fixed on the lips, and there remains a considerable number of hours.

In the beginning was the Benefit benetint, born in the 70’s and of which, they say, it is sold one bottle per minute, so powerful that if you are not careful, you risk having your fingertip with which it is applied, colorful all day long.

It ‘a tint born mainly as a blush but today is also used for the lips and is certainly the most famous in the world.
Among the most famous, expensive and, of course, you want to c ‘is also the Rouge while Couture Vernis a Levres by Yves Saint Laurent, idolized by beauty guru and available in more than twenty colors, promises to blend in with their lips and not to abandon them many hours.

Low cost brands certainly have not been watching and time have proposed increasingly viable alternatives and economic as the Super Stay 10H Gloss Ink Maybelline, tints for lips that besides having evocative names and colors of fruits are also delicately scented as well as shiny.

To watch the products of the English house Rimmel that in addition to having depopulated and paint to lips LASTING FINISH 1000 KISSES has recently launched an attractive new ie Apocalips, advertised as liquid lipstick, combining the extreme pigmentation in the long term, to try absolutely especially for the presence of numerous bare colors, perfect for working or university days.

Looking at the Italian cosmetic companies certainly can not miss one of the most used and loved KIKO products ie the Double Touch, by the double formula, one that colors the lips and fixed on these, to be applied first and then the one that shines and acts as top coat, to be applied after one minuto.Imperdibile for any lip addicted.