How to Choose Bangs for Your Face Shape

Which queue is ideal for your face? Different face shapes require different crops. 5 tips for hairstyles glam, designed to hide flaws.

As for the hair color does take some “study”of your skin type, hair pulled follow certain rules according to the shape of the face of the wearer.

Are clearly of little tips, a person is perfectly free to comb as she pleases. But let’s try to understand together that the tail is the best for us!

1 – Oval face

If nature has given an oval shape to your face, you can easily show off any ponytail style.

Elegant, messy, high, low… and just because everything is given to you, why not venture a high ponytail on the side? The side tail back into fashion, after the boom of the ’80s.

Even the braid to the French side is very chic and well appreciated by the stars. A classic look with a touch of style.

Perfect glamor and also the lateral tail down, embellished with a few waves.

2 – Face Diamond

For faces in a diamond shape, much like those ovals, but with the chin slightly pointed and higher cheekbones, it is important to make sure that, when collected, the hair does not create a cone effect.

For an effect at the top with a brush just give volume to the roots, and then merge them into a more orderly queue. For an evening effect is nice idea to tie your hair with a ponytail and then wrap a strand around the base, covering the elastic.

3 – Face Round

A round face requires very high tail, so as to balance the softness of the cheeks, bringing attention upward. A tail or a bun extreme, but trying not to recreate the effect Snooky.

If your hair is not very long, you can divide the hair into two, creating a side effect for the top and collect shorter hair in a tail to stop on the head with hairpins.

This way it will create a hairstyle “broken” that smagrisce face and hide the not-length hair.

4 – Face Square

Since this type of facial features hard features, it is important to leave some strands down her face to soften the shape.

In this way the edges are less delineated and the addition of the waves, by the effect disheveled, it helps to camouflage the more angular corners.

A hairstyle to Brigitte Bardot, is very suitable and easy to obtain, leaving the two tufts of fringe (thick enough I recommend, or seems a return to the pre-teen years) free, with a middle line, so as to hide the hardness of the cheeks.

Even in this case, a little help dell’arricciacapelli on the ends, as well as being fashionable, helps to rebalance the corners of the jaw.

5 – Heart Face

wide forehead and narrow chin are the characteristics of this form of the face.

The ideal solution is a full fringe, which hides the imbalance.

Covering the high forehead, the focus switches to the central area of ​​the face, adding length to the face.

The tail, flow rate at medium height, opens the face without putting in evidence the top of the face.

The smooth, in this case works best.