How to Choose Clothes for Your Body Type

Are you also of the opinion that “Mirrors should think a bit ‘before you think”? Fear not, we reveal the tricks to enhance your every detail and hide flaws!

There are some women that are given to extreme diets and hope to lose weight in just 7 days, while there are other-like sottoscritta-that although die by the desire to dress the ultimate in autumn-winter 2012 collection / 2013 feel uncomfortable for their extra pounds and desist.

Know that you no longer need to be paranoid, and even if your curves are plentiful enough that you learn to value your strengths minimizing the defects! So, keep in mind that with a little ‘of cunning and guile able to appear thinner and drier than it really be: because after all in fashion-and in the make up-cheating… goes!

Things to do

Leveraging strategically strong colors and bright prints, or (especially with the lines) can appear “restricted! Play with contrasts of color or go with classic black which is always an effect (optical) slimming and reduction of forms.

If you apply the red lipstick manage to catch the eye on top of the body by doing totally ignore your most soft curves down (the same you can do with flashy earrings, necklaces and other accessories that bring the attention of others to detail rather that at the big picture).

· You have large breasts? Do not hide it, indeed exploited plunging necklines … as I said we have to draw attention away from the critical points and let me say that there is no better place!
· As for the hair, it depends on your face: But usually you have to keep in mind that if you keep them straight you will have a leaner and slender face.

·Use plenty of high heels (if you know them lead), they will give you a lot of confidence and slanceranno you a lot! also opt for the use of many skirts and large bags that make up the body “small”!

Thing to NOT do

·Banish the creases in your clothes, have a great negative effect (make you look bulky) and in any case are only good for a few chosen…

·Similarly, it is not recommended to dress anything else “wide” that makes you look like the “pandoro”.

· The B side is not your strong point? Absolutely to avoid tight pants, leggings and similar… but you already know, right?

In short, you have seen that with a little ‘of features you can create optical illusions that will make you look slimmer and slender in the eyes of those who watch. The important thing is to enhance all your details! Do you have another trick to recommend to friends Stuff to Women? Please feel free to write one for us in the comments below!