How to Choose False Eyelashes

You can’t deny the power of a good make and, especially, as the false eyelashes can give an up in any production, whether a look from day to day, or in a more sophisticated, like looks, ballads.

How to Choose False Eyelashes

Anyway, the false eyelashes already became indispensable in the jewel case and the darlings of makeup , no doubt, is a great resource for open and highlight the look. However, do you know which model is best for you?

So, today who was a bit reluctant to use this feature already understand that the false eyelashes value enough to make, which serve to enhance and highlight the eyes, however, is not just go out and buy the first pair to find ahead, in fact, there are already false eyelashes of various sizes and shapes that provide different levels of volume and stretching.

As you can imagine, the false eyelashes fuller creates a visual and striking and glamorous spaced, with long, thin, give more natural effect, but also have versions at tufts, that pasted one by one, allow you to create the effect you want – highlighting, for example, only the outer corner of the eyes-or fill gaps. However, the tip is to invest in models that respect the natural shape of the eyelashes, so leave the hair shorter on the inside corner and longer in the external, avoiding an artificial result.

Tips for Using False Eyelashes

The important thing is that the false eyelashes or fake are the exact width of the eyes. If they’re minor or major, will seem too artificial. An important tip, for those who do not have much intimacy with eyelashes, and don’t feel safe to apply the lashes in one piece, cut them in half and hold only half as long at the outer corner of the eyes.

Last but not least, is that the false eyelashes should be well short of the root by the natural and the glue used has to be of excellent quality to dry quickly, don’t drain and hold without losing the ability to quickly fixing.

Time to Remove the False Eyelashes

OK, thanks to false eyelashes and he turned up his childhood friend, the night ended but care should continue in time to remove them, so don’t just go out plucking or pulling your false eyelashes, without mercy, because it can, in addition to damaging them, preclude a new use, and also hurt the skin of the eyelid and even come to pluck the hair real , so it is important to choose a good quality glue, water base (e.g. Duo).

So, the trick is, get home, let laziness aside and remove them properly to prevent these problems from happening, here’s how:

-Separate a flexible rod and dip it in a liquid makeup remover, suitable for the eye area, and very carefully, move from top to bottom on the basis of false eyelashes for the glue out with ease and you can pull them without doing strength and damage them, start from the tip, pulling roots outside slowly.

-If you want to reuse the false eyelashes, wipe all excess glue and the mask layers applied on them, then just rinse them with water and use a eyebrow comb to separate the hair better. Then, put them to dry in a well ventilated spot, on a tissue or towel, for only then, keep them in the original packaging.

Now that you know how to care properly for their false eyelashes, you will be able to reuse it without problems, depending on the quality of the material, can reach twelve times.

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