How to Curl Hair with Foil

Wife loves a makeover. There are several techniques to adopt a new style, but the most popular technique is to simply renew the look of the hair, leaving it more straight, wavy or curly. If you have straight hair and got tired of the drained look, curl the strands with the help of a bit of aluminum foil is an excellent solution. This method is simple and fast and let your locks wavy or cached. Curious to discover the technique? Continue reading this a article and learn how to roll your hair with foil.


  1. To curl your hair with foil, you will need a few pieces of foil with square format, preferably with about of 15 cm square.

You will also need to use some clips and a flat iron.

  1. Start by untangling all the hair with a brush. Divide it into two parts, leaving the upper wicks caught and the loose bottom. This will help work the bass more easily, facilitating the process.

Tip: To know How to untangle the hair correctly, check out these tips.

  1. Set aside a lock of loose wires and wrap it with your fingers until the root zone. The more you leave width between the curls less defined, and they’re going to be rolled.
  2. Secure the lock with the help of a staple. When coiled and fastened, cover the lock wrapped in a piece of aluminum foil.

Repeat the procedure for all the fuses and switch to the off, leaving all the wires wrapped and covered with foil.

  1. Turn the hair straightener and let it heat up. The next step is to use the flat iron for pressing the wicks coiled in tin foil. The procedure should be about 20 seconds for each lock, not exceeding this time.

Do not remove the foil until you finish all the curly locks press. This prevents you burn your hands on the hot paper after using the curling iron and allows the curls start to cool, keeping the format.

  1. In the end, remove the pieces of aluminum foil. If you are in a hurry, remove the clips immediately. If you have time, let the clips for more time in order to fix the curls while completely cooled.
  2. Remove the clips and pull the locks down with your hands. If you want your hair stay curly, let the locks as well. For a slightly more polished wavy effect, pass a brush or a comb in the hair highlights cached. Finalize quickly with a fixative spray to prevent the curls fall.

The result is a romantic and feminine hairstyle, which can be used in formal occasions or in places more hipsters. If you wish, you can even complement the look with headbands, barrettes or any other accessory.

  1. Note: Use this hairstyle frequently, should take into account some care to protect the wire from damage from the heat of the flat iron. The high temperature can leave your hair dry and burned, so the ideal is to bet on active term and capillary hydration creams in order to keep the threads nice and healthy.

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